Saturday, 17 January 2015

J.C. Cafe , First Experience and Review

Hi, I'm back with my new hop to the J.C. Cafe. It's located along Jalan Serampang, same row with Gent Utopia, Chef's Table and Annie's Culture; in the opposite of Seasons.

Not the first cafe located on the second floor as the lower part is an event company if my interpretation isn't wrong. ( HAHAHA. ) It's definitely a cozy place which I was in a pleasant atmosphere and forgot to take any photos of the interior. Will update with interior photos as soon as my next visit.

After the staircase, you will see this beautiful outdoor space with a few tables and chairs and a cute horse which you can see I was emo while riding on it in the next photo.

HAHAHA, okay so I was with Lihui there so all the photos of me are credited to Lihui for the help.

** enter the door, then no interior photos **

Let me explain how it looked. It's a kinda European royal inspired with a mixture of 80's classic style  as there's a Audrey Hepburn's portrait on the entrance. Like any go the other cafes, different type of tables and chairs were set up to provide a variety of comfy-ness whenever you want. LOL

So this were the photo's of me and Lihui with Audrey Hepburn. 

This was the high table and tall chairs at the entrance, love it but we never sat there as the chair looked hard.

Let's move to the food part, the menu was hideous, nothing much to share and I strongly suggest them to contact me for a menu redesign. But the food was fine, and the atmosphere did compliment on everything we had.

We chose a coffee table and sofa because it's the most comfy place in the place, the only thing was the height of the table.

Latte  RM 9
 sided with an almond biscotti. Foam thickness was fine, but the consistency was not there at all, latte art wasn't top notch but the taste was acceptable, never expect a cup of great coffee at normal places because you need a proper barista for it. Well, I was okay with it, taste was great, just the foam and milk.

Iced Honey Matcha  RM 8
colour wasn't as attractive as me (#buaypaiseh), but the taste was a great one. Definitely a soothing drink after a hot day, honey tasted sweet with a twist of sourness and the after taste of matcha green tea on every sip. I would say give it a try if you're going for a cold drink.

Sones  RM 6
was a bit disappointed as the menu wrote " Scones " but it came as " Scone " without that 'S'. Definitely an overpriced dish but it was a great scone. Sided with cream, butter and strawberry jam, hot and crispy with a subtle fragrance. I really don't mind if they change the price to RM 8 and serve with two scones.

Signature Club Sandwich  RM 15
sided with criss-cut fries and salad, and the fries was salty. But Lihui was like, " fries of course salty la -.- " Okay, so this was Lihui's dish and she compliment on the taste, the only problem was the problem of every club sandwich which is the thickness. Lollol, it's a tiring process to finish such a nice sandwich. So within the bread, cheese, eggs, ham, tomatoes and lettuce.

Another view of all the food and drinks,

The tax was the service charge, 10% after the total bill.

There's a variety of cakes which we never order as we were leaving for another cafe after it. I saw some customers were having the pasta, it looked pretty good so tell me if they are worth to order.

The overall experience was good, the place had a great lighting, beautifully decorated for photos and selfies, will be there again soon and I think you should.

So that's all until I see you again in the next post. See ya.

J.C. Cafe / JC Cafe JB 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boliao people and his boliao post.

It's been a long time for me not to rant here. LOL been very busy with school, homeworks and my emotions that happened to be very, very awkward and really easily get pissed.

Oh god, I guessed the Law of Attraction is working as good as hell, wonder why Rhonda Bryne is telling the law to everyone, and makes my life so damn miserable for understanding that I'm the one who is causing everything that happening on me. Either bad or good, or just something happened to be stuck? 

All blame is on me, bitch. Don't tell me that you never realised.

Leshan said I'm fine. Hmm, pretty sure I'm fine, just lost in my emotions and ****ed up in it. Negative thoughts can be easily created, and when it's being created, ( no matter it's speaker or just hidden in your brain, it's all still exist ) uhuh, you will see how the thing works after all of them happened.


Anyway, everything above the line was what i type on 18th of January. Pathetic to the max because I can't even get a free minute to finish typing this whole thing.

But it's okay, I got some free time now so just some updates.

I'm still drowning in all my homework's and assignments. Photo shooting, drawing, designing, sketching, blah blah blah.


And then whatever above again was all on don't know how many months ago and now I finally realise the existed dated post. LOL

Well, the home work went great and all the submission is done. While I'm enjoying my holidays already and went to Malacca for one day trip yesterday. Hahaha, can't get enough happiness after it. But it's kinda fail though, planned to have the lunch at Jonker 88 for the famous nyonya laksa and gull melaka cendol but it's public holidays. And for the second time, we decided to leave the queue and go for chicken rice. HAHAHA, last year it happened the same.


WTH, so i finally open the draft and continue this post! So how's my life recently? Hmm, nothing much. Because I done nothing like literally nothing. Holiday is not a good thing, although I need it when school starts but I just stuck at home for all days and life just wasted. All my friends went for work, study blah blah, and me, just grew some weight at home with no outcome and lack of progression.

Went to different cafes, but this didn't make my life meaningful but just make myself think that my life is enjoyable. Ish.

Watched a few movies, Bridget Jones's Diary is a nice one, sometimes when you just so sink in American, try this one, nice British accent huh, lol. Well, the song at the beginning is great, the All By Myself which I think everyone has heard of it.

End here again on 14th July, will continue again when I open this stupid draft. Bye!


Hey yo I'm back on 30th of December, almost at the end of the year 2014, I'm drawing out my new year resolutions? No, because I only believe myself when I make any decision right in front of the problem. I don't really make any aim or destination I guessed? It's not easy to stay focus for me, I'm just not as stubborn as I want to be. Just being sarcastic if you realised.

So as you can tell, I'm back to blog again, maybe this time I will not ignore it again(?) No one can tell and that's why I'm not making any promise, but I think that I might stay for a while?

If not, why would I spend more than 10 hours to redesign my blog? As you can see the whole layout is changed into something very new, something I never did before, as I said, I always come up with major changes when I intended to do something, this is to make sure everytime I move, I want to make sure it's visible as it is, as I am.

I don't know why am I typing this right now? Maybe I'm bored. Anyway, I'm leaving to KL tomorrow, not vacation, no countdown, don't expect me to have a great life for the next few days in a nutshell.

School starting soon, probably will be updating a lot about my second year semester 2 study, or I will abandon my blog again for the sake of study. HAHAHA yet I still don't think so, as me myself can't even stop looking at the new layout, it's just too nice.


Actually I have an idea, because I will be leaving tomorrow and back on 3rd of January, maybe I can hold another brunch party before my school ends? Thinking of making breakfast platter, but I'm not sure if I have the energy to make it or the people to invite. Hmm, or I just cook for myself as the last meal before school. Sien.

Don't will this post, due to the written part since last year, which I don't want to waste, I decided to post it, of course I won't expect you to enjoy it but you probably not going to read until this part. It's as boring as my life right now but who knows what coming next, stay tune.

Too much cats around my life recently, they are cute, maybe can do some cats' photo spam for next post and scare Leshan away.


the original name of this post is "Rantation" which means nothing because it's not even in the dictionary. But I define it as rant, to make sure I have enhance my english from level 1 to level 1.1, I decided to rename it. HAHAHA

Go on judge my english please, judge me for mixing past and present tense, go ahead, please, give me attention.


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Long lost.

Hi, I was gone for good and back for better. 


So as you scroll down to the lower post, it's like months ago, probably due to the time consumption for writing every post really relocate myself as a student who is studying design. So I was pretty conscious after undergoing an equality in between doing my homework or writing in a virtual space. Eventually, I gave up the part on writing as it's not easy to ease through the extreme period when it came to my second year study.

So as you ( or not you ) know that I'm a student in NAFA, second year is kinda different if you gonna compare with the first year study. During my first year time, I was mostly doing arts and craft and more into the brainstorming part on every project, and we required to do quite a amount of drawing work as they said it's important to build a strong base in the study of this industry.

Entering second year, I started to go into my major which is the graphic communications ( that known as graphic design in the past ), it made my life easier in a way of decreasing the great amount of drawing job ( even though you still need to sketch a lot because you design with your hand and heart, computer is just a translation of it. Love the words Ms Yee Noh told our class. :D ) In year 2, I got attached with those beloved Adobe applications, mostly InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Write in email to me, I'm doing freelance on graphic works ;)

I got my results just last week? Or two weeks ago, it wasn't what I expected ( not as bad as I thought but not as good as I want ), maybe my friends will judge me for saying this but everyone has a different expectation in their life, and when you have different criteria, you don't give a shit when others comment on what you have on your mind.

Writing this makes me sad, I miss my friends in NAFA ( but school opens in less than ten days ). Can't wait to meet them again but in the other way round, I need to get more sleep before everything starts again. It's pretty chaotic life in NAFA, but when you enjoy what you do, that's the way you gonna do it, and you have to do the best.

I went for kinda like internship thing during the holidays ( next Monday is my last day, count the calendar ), the lady boss took me in as she doesn't even know what position I'm, she just said like, " Oh, Sudden is intern plus part timer. " I just want to make things clear to those who's going to find internship or part time, there's a strong difference in between them. Part time, you get paid based on your working hours / day / projects; Internship, you get paid in a super low pay to learn things.

So that lady give me a intern price and ask me to do things that usual designers did which I'm okay with it to learn more, but the pay kinda pissed me off after I started working, I felt like a foreign worker without work permit.

Anyway, I get to meet a lot of good people in the company, someone who with working experience and told me a lot about it, someone who has a lot of design experience and teaches me quite something in photoshop, a few of them who taught me about the process and how is it like when you gonna do a full set thing from design to printing.

It's good to learn, and to understand human relationship although it's a small company with problems.

It reminds me of Ariana's Problem.


Okay, I went for a pretty decent trip in Bali, it was a 4D3N trip with a decent amount of temple hopping. Which leads me to my next thing to talk about, because I'm doing on a trip video ( the very first ). I will upload it to YouTube when I'm done, hopefully it's not going to take me half a year to do it. HAHAHA. For photos throwback probably will be soon I guess? Need some time to filter and arrange the photos, and to delete those unglam.

It's a happening place especially the place I stayed, really don't mind to go again with my friends but the bad thing about it is that the beaches are more for surfers but not me. #beachplease

A few meet ups with my friends (secondary till now <3 lol ), just glad to see everyone's doing good and realised time passes as fast as what I can't even imagine. I can't make it myself, I don't want it to just freakin flow away from my fingers. It not what I expected when I was a kid I guessed. Life is just not that easy. 

Christmas was last week, Leshan told me to do a gift exchange and I really can't figure out what she is getting for me, which makes me furious because I don't know what to get too. But it's okay, I have an idea already, just that I'm not sure it's good or not. We will see tomorrow ( if nothing happened, we will go for breakfast? )

Ohya, I do freelance on brunch too, order and come my house for your brunch on Saturday, price is negotiable as your menu and friends got a different price, don't hesitate to tell me you wanna come, but don't expect too atlas quality. I can't stop laughing from myself when I'm writing this #buaypaiseh post. 

As you can see, I'm changing my blog layout again, and I'm not done with it yet, people changes too, why not something like a blog layout? As you can see, I'm changing in a speed, probably because I want to uplift myself to a new level, I'm saying this to make myself not to look so vain, because I'm as vain as you though. LOL

Miss the way I used to blog, I don't mind to write more? To the end, it's a place for me to record every bits? Or I just want to tell the world that you can't stop others to do things you wanna do. Save yourself because you own the life after all.

Don't tell me you're not vain as me, just that your preference is different from mine, but it doesn't make you better than me.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Doi Chaang Coffee : Illegal Drug

" It scored 93 in and being ranked as the Top 1% coffee in the world. "


To start off, let's talk about the story of Doi Chaang. Doi Chaang in Thai means Elephant Hill, it's located at the north region of Thailand and owned by the Akha tribe who owned the land. Going back in times in 1983, with the help of Thailang King, Akha people were given a batch of high quality Arabica coffee plant and being taught on the technology and skills for the plantation of the coffee.

Not only because of the great geographical condition, weather with enough rain and the high quality of soil, everything from the region had made Doi Chaang achieved the rank as one of the world's premium coffee plantation.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company was finally found in the association of Canadian who assisted the Akha tribe for giving the help for selling the premium coffee beans directly towards the international market hence improved the living of the people. It's was a fair trade company that made it so special from others coffee company, the legendary story that speak about upholding a respectful view helping the welfare and amenities of the tribe and letting us to get a chance for trying the top ranked 1% premium coffee.


Caffeine dosage hits on me all the time, it's not about how much one place can give me the ambience to drink a cup of latte because my addiction is not about the place but the coffee beans. And I've been searching and trying out different places with different people and different moods, and I finally encounter with Doi Chaang Coffee ( located at JB City Square, 4th floor, J4 - 20). I think that the taste of a cup of latte changes as my mood, but I finally intake the endorsement of how Doi Chaang grab my feelings and the experience chatting with the marketing director, Ivan, which impressed me with the story of Doi Chaang and how it's all about.

Personally, I don't think I have any enough experience or even knowledge when it comes to talking about coffee, the beans or even making a latte art. What's make a cup of coffee perfect is purely based on my senses through my tongue and the flush of coffee against the direction of my taste buds. And Doi Chaang Coffee did a great job on me and created the chemistry of my soul with it. Lol.

Not to mention it's organic. I meant the coffee beans itself is certified organic and also being recognised by the USA and Europe's premium coffee association, which helped to improve the identity and convince the people for trying the premium taste of true coffee.


I had a great time when talking to Ivan.

Q : What makes you start of the business?
A : It's all started in a coincidence, everything was just on the spot so I started.

Q : Is it always a dream of start of a business?
A : Own a cafe was always a dream when I was young.

Q : Why Doi Chaang?
A : I guessed it's the taste. When I was first encountered with this coffee, I was impressed with the taste of it and with the further understanding of the history of it, I wanted to let more individuals to know about it.

Q : What's your favourite?
A : I love the original, Americano is the best.

Q : What would you recommend if I'm new towards Doi Chaang?
A : Iced Doi Chaang will be great, it's double shots of espresso with milk and foam, it's more into an Asian flavour and most of the people enjoy it, it hits the best seller all the time.

Q : Anything other than coffee?
A : There's different seasons for the coffee plants, Doi Chaang produced great quality of tea, Blue Tea is a must try if you're a tea lover. Besides, we have flavoured soda, green tea milk and melon tea, they are the all time favourite!

Q : How many types of coffee blend you're serving?
A : Currently due to the space and just the start off of Doi Chaang, I hope to bring in more variety of choices like the peaberries and Luwak for the consumers.

Q : What makes Doi Chaang different from other franchise coffee company?
A : I guessed it's the spirit and the story behind, then it's the coffee beans, we were ranked at the top!

Q : Besides drinks, what are you serving?
A : We have cakes, currently are crepes. We will be serving more in the future.

Q : What kind of experience you're trying to give to the customers?
A : Due to the small space, we try to give our customers a friendly and welcome feelings for serving, and the food and drinks will convince them. Haha

Q : What kind of experience the customers will get?
A : Look at the surrounding, with the tonality of green and earth colours, we try to provide a harmony atmosphere with the peeking from the forth floor. I am always amazed by the view.


Let's take a look of the atmosphere, for a location in a shopping mall, Doi Chaang fully utilised the space with the earth colours furnitures to translate the story of them and provided different types of chairs and tables for the customers for their personal preference.

I personally love the seat facing outwards, it's a magnificent view while you just chilling with coffee and watching people walking in different speed in the 5 floors of stores.

Grand Opening

Friendly staffs


Doi Chaang menu review!

Let's take a look on their signature product! Start off with caffeine drink, non-caffeine and cake:

Cappuccino is about the ratio in between espresso, milk and foam. Trained barista can do it right and that's why the espresso took the main part that decide whether it's a cup of great coffee. Personally in love with the after taste of Doi Chaang coffee beans, pure breed arabica with the asian infused roast has take the taste of it to a next level. Everyone needs coffee, if you're looking for a mild one? Go for it. Or you can order an Americano with the pure intake on Doi Chaang great coffee.

Iced Doi Chaang is about two shots of espresso, milk and foam. Not to mentioned sugar is added to a optimum level that really enhance the taste with an interesting take. It can be sweet at the first sip with a strong coffee based and after half cup of it, you just can't stop yourself from it. It's the signature and a MUST TRY to understand why people love Doi Chaang.

Doi Chaang Mocha Special, another signature with everyone's all time favourite, mocha, by adding second layer of flavour by blending the drink with coffee beans. By every sip, you can actually feel the crunchiness of the roasted coffee beans and the taste infused through all the tastebuds. Cocoa and coffee are bff, I swear, especially when it comes to Doi Chaang Mocha Special.

Tea lover cannot miss this, Doi Chaang Organic Blue Tea takes the Wu Long tea plantation with their great geographical condition and the highlands atmosphere, produces a total impact that different from any other tea leaves. Personally, I love the colour of it, then the fragrance in nose with the tea flush in my throat and the fragrance raised from the throat back to the nose and telling you that life's good with a cup of great tea. I love coffee, and I love tea, different from Earl grey or camomile or English Breakfast, it's soft and gives you a visual of greenery.

Not to mention Green Tea Milk, matcha powder and steamed milk created a balance of sweetness and  the solid taste of green tea. I think that the green tea flavour is quite strong in it, it's more into a personal preference but this is also a must try if you're not planning to get a cup of coffee.

Melon milk! Ivan told me that their melon syrup ( actually all of their syrup ) are imported directly from Doi Chaang, which you can find them no where, and this give you the best reason to try out this!! It's really refreshing and good, although it can taste a little bit sweet, but hey, melon is meant to be sweet! The fruit flavour transform the milk into a fancy drink, why get plain milk since there's something better?

First thing strike on me from Iced curacao soda, the vibrancy of the drink! It's kinda like the crystal clear ocean and it does taste like the summer at the beach. Sweet and sour with a twist of lemon at the tip of your tongue makes a hot day perfect. It's the signature flavoured soda from Doi Chaang. And Ivan told me it's from some kind of flower? MUST TRY.

Doi Chaang offered a bunch of flavours in crepe, Vanilla, Latte, Tiramisu, Matcha and etc, try to your luck to see what's available when you visit! Besides, they have different cakes in times, it's a top up on your coffee experience, and you can ask for a drawing on your plate! ( But for photography purpose, I asked them to do a simple one haha )


Extra shots of your cafe experience that Doi Chaang is serving :


It's a worldwide recognised, and first found in JB, soon in Singapore as well, what makes you hesitate is gonna be yourself as you afraid that you can't forget how great it is after you taste it! Lol.

I can't wait to see what Ivan brings to their JB branch, you can have a thousands of reason to stay inside your bed but you must get up and try it out, I promised, and please do not blame me on drug-ing you with the great coffee. Everyone deserves good things, and if it comes of coffee, Doi Chaang gonna make it right.

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