Saturday, 17 January 2015

J.C. Cafe , First Experience and Review

Hi, I'm back with my new hop to the J.C. Cafe. It's located along Jalan Serampang, same row with Gent Utopia, Chef's Table and Annie's Culture; in the opposite of Seasons.

Not the first cafe located on the second floor as the lower part is an event company if my interpretation isn't wrong. ( HAHAHA. ) It's definitely a cozy place which I was in a pleasant atmosphere and forgot to take any photos of the interior. Will update with interior photos as soon as my next visit.

After the staircase, you will see this beautiful outdoor space with a few tables and chairs and a cute horse which you can see I was emo while riding on it in the next photo.

HAHAHA, okay so I was with Lihui there so all the photos of me are credited to Lihui for the help.

** enter the door, then no interior photos **

Let me explain how it looked. It's a kinda European royal inspired with a mixture of 80's classic style  as there's a Audrey Hepburn's portrait on the entrance. Like any go the other cafes, different type of tables and chairs were set up to provide a variety of comfy-ness whenever you want. LOL

So this were the photo's of me and Lihui with Audrey Hepburn. 

This was the high table and tall chairs at the entrance, love it but we never sat there as the chair looked hard.

Let's move to the food part, the menu was hideous, nothing much to share and I strongly suggest them to contact me for a menu redesign. But the food was fine, and the atmosphere did compliment on everything we had.

We chose a coffee table and sofa because it's the most comfy place in the place, the only thing was the height of the table.

Latte  RM 9
 sided with an almond biscotti. Foam thickness was fine, but the consistency was not there at all, latte art wasn't top notch but the taste was acceptable, never expect a cup of great coffee at normal places because you need a proper barista for it. Well, I was okay with it, taste was great, just the foam and milk.

Iced Honey Matcha  RM 8
colour wasn't as attractive as me (#buaypaiseh), but the taste was a great one. Definitely a soothing drink after a hot day, honey tasted sweet with a twist of sourness and the after taste of matcha green tea on every sip. I would say give it a try if you're going for a cold drink.

Sones  RM 6
was a bit disappointed as the menu wrote " Scones " but it came as " Scone " without that 'S'. Definitely an overpriced dish but it was a great scone. Sided with cream, butter and strawberry jam, hot and crispy with a subtle fragrance. I really don't mind if they change the price to RM 8 and serve with two scones.

Signature Club Sandwich  RM 15
sided with criss-cut fries and salad, and the fries was salty. But Lihui was like, " fries of course salty la -.- " Okay, so this was Lihui's dish and she compliment on the taste, the only problem was the problem of every club sandwich which is the thickness. Lollol, it's a tiring process to finish such a nice sandwich. So within the bread, cheese, eggs, ham, tomatoes and lettuce.

Another view of all the food and drinks,

The tax was the service charge, 10% after the total bill.

There's a variety of cakes which we never order as we were leaving for another cafe after it. I saw some customers were having the pasta, it looked pretty good so tell me if they are worth to order.

The overall experience was good, the place had a great lighting, beautifully decorated for photos and selfies, will be there again soon and I think you should.

So that's all until I see you again in the next post. See ya.

J.C. Cafe / JC Cafe JB 

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