Saturday, 27 December 2014

Long lost.

Hi, I was gone for good and back for better. 


So as you scroll down to the lower post, it's like months ago, probably due to the time consumption for writing every post really relocate myself as a student who is studying design. So I was pretty conscious after undergoing an equality in between doing my homework or writing in a virtual space. Eventually, I gave up the part on writing as it's not easy to ease through the extreme period when it came to my second year study.

So as you ( or not you ) know that I'm a student in NAFA, second year is kinda different if you gonna compare with the first year study. During my first year time, I was mostly doing arts and craft and more into the brainstorming part on every project, and we required to do quite a amount of drawing work as they said it's important to build a strong base in the study of this industry.

Entering second year, I started to go into my major which is the graphic communications ( that known as graphic design in the past ), it made my life easier in a way of decreasing the great amount of drawing job ( even though you still need to sketch a lot because you design with your hand and heart, computer is just a translation of it. Love the words Ms Yee Noh told our class. :D ) In year 2, I got attached with those beloved Adobe applications, mostly InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Write in email to me, I'm doing freelance on graphic works ;)

I got my results just last week? Or two weeks ago, it wasn't what I expected ( not as bad as I thought but not as good as I want ), maybe my friends will judge me for saying this but everyone has a different expectation in their life, and when you have different criteria, you don't give a shit when others comment on what you have on your mind.

Writing this makes me sad, I miss my friends in NAFA ( but school opens in less than ten days ). Can't wait to meet them again but in the other way round, I need to get more sleep before everything starts again. It's pretty chaotic life in NAFA, but when you enjoy what you do, that's the way you gonna do it, and you have to do the best.

I went for kinda like internship thing during the holidays ( next Monday is my last day, count the calendar ), the lady boss took me in as she doesn't even know what position I'm, she just said like, " Oh, Sudden is intern plus part timer. " I just want to make things clear to those who's going to find internship or part time, there's a strong difference in between them. Part time, you get paid based on your working hours / day / projects; Internship, you get paid in a super low pay to learn things.

So that lady give me a intern price and ask me to do things that usual designers did which I'm okay with it to learn more, but the pay kinda pissed me off after I started working, I felt like a foreign worker without work permit.

Anyway, I get to meet a lot of good people in the company, someone who with working experience and told me a lot about it, someone who has a lot of design experience and teaches me quite something in photoshop, a few of them who taught me about the process and how is it like when you gonna do a full set thing from design to printing.

It's good to learn, and to understand human relationship although it's a small company with problems.

It reminds me of Ariana's Problem.


Okay, I went for a pretty decent trip in Bali, it was a 4D3N trip with a decent amount of temple hopping. Which leads me to my next thing to talk about, because I'm doing on a trip video ( the very first ). I will upload it to YouTube when I'm done, hopefully it's not going to take me half a year to do it. HAHAHA. For photos throwback probably will be soon I guess? Need some time to filter and arrange the photos, and to delete those unglam.

It's a happening place especially the place I stayed, really don't mind to go again with my friends but the bad thing about it is that the beaches are more for surfers but not me. #beachplease

A few meet ups with my friends (secondary till now <3 lol ), just glad to see everyone's doing good and realised time passes as fast as what I can't even imagine. I can't make it myself, I don't want it to just freakin flow away from my fingers. It not what I expected when I was a kid I guessed. Life is just not that easy. 

Christmas was last week, Leshan told me to do a gift exchange and I really can't figure out what she is getting for me, which makes me furious because I don't know what to get too. But it's okay, I have an idea already, just that I'm not sure it's good or not. We will see tomorrow ( if nothing happened, we will go for breakfast? )

Ohya, I do freelance on brunch too, order and come my house for your brunch on Saturday, price is negotiable as your menu and friends got a different price, don't hesitate to tell me you wanna come, but don't expect too atlas quality. I can't stop laughing from myself when I'm writing this #buaypaiseh post. 

As you can see, I'm changing my blog layout again, and I'm not done with it yet, people changes too, why not something like a blog layout? As you can see, I'm changing in a speed, probably because I want to uplift myself to a new level, I'm saying this to make myself not to look so vain, because I'm as vain as you though. LOL

Miss the way I used to blog, I don't mind to write more? To the end, it's a place for me to record every bits? Or I just want to tell the world that you can't stop others to do things you wanna do. Save yourself because you own the life after all.

Don't tell me you're not vain as me, just that your preference is different from mine, but it doesn't make you better than me.

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