Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boliao people and his boliao post.

It's been a long time for me not to rant here. LOL been very busy with school, homeworks and my emotions that happened to be very, very awkward and really easily get pissed.

Oh god, I guessed the Law of Attraction is working as good as hell, wonder why Rhonda Bryne is telling the law to everyone, and makes my life so damn miserable for understanding that I'm the one who is causing everything that happening on me. Either bad or good, or just something happened to be stuck? 

All blame is on me, bitch. Don't tell me that you never realised.

Leshan said I'm fine. Hmm, pretty sure I'm fine, just lost in my emotions and ****ed up in it. Negative thoughts can be easily created, and when it's being created, ( no matter it's speaker or just hidden in your brain, it's all still exist ) uhuh, you will see how the thing works after all of them happened.


Anyway, everything above the line was what i type on 18th of January. Pathetic to the max because I can't even get a free minute to finish typing this whole thing.

But it's okay, I got some free time now so just some updates.

I'm still drowning in all my homework's and assignments. Photo shooting, drawing, designing, sketching, blah blah blah.


And then whatever above again was all on don't know how many months ago and now I finally realise the existed dated post. LOL

Well, the home work went great and all the submission is done. While I'm enjoying my holidays already and went to Malacca for one day trip yesterday. Hahaha, can't get enough happiness after it. But it's kinda fail though, planned to have the lunch at Jonker 88 for the famous nyonya laksa and gull melaka cendol but it's public holidays. And for the second time, we decided to leave the queue and go for chicken rice. HAHAHA, last year it happened the same.


WTH, so i finally open the draft and continue this post! So how's my life recently? Hmm, nothing much. Because I done nothing like literally nothing. Holiday is not a good thing, although I need it when school starts but I just stuck at home for all days and life just wasted. All my friends went for work, study blah blah, and me, just grew some weight at home with no outcome and lack of progression.

Went to different cafes, but this didn't make my life meaningful but just make myself think that my life is enjoyable. Ish.

Watched a few movies, Bridget Jones's Diary is a nice one, sometimes when you just so sink in American, try this one, nice British accent huh, lol. Well, the song at the beginning is great, the All By Myself which I think everyone has heard of it.

End here again on 14th July, will continue again when I open this stupid draft. Bye!


Hey yo I'm back on 30th of December, almost at the end of the year 2014, I'm drawing out my new year resolutions? No, because I only believe myself when I make any decision right in front of the problem. I don't really make any aim or destination I guessed? It's not easy to stay focus for me, I'm just not as stubborn as I want to be. Just being sarcastic if you realised.

So as you can tell, I'm back to blog again, maybe this time I will not ignore it again(?) No one can tell and that's why I'm not making any promise, but I think that I might stay for a while?

If not, why would I spend more than 10 hours to redesign my blog? As you can see the whole layout is changed into something very new, something I never did before, as I said, I always come up with major changes when I intended to do something, this is to make sure everytime I move, I want to make sure it's visible as it is, as I am.

I don't know why am I typing this right now? Maybe I'm bored. Anyway, I'm leaving to KL tomorrow, not vacation, no countdown, don't expect me to have a great life for the next few days in a nutshell.

School starting soon, probably will be updating a lot about my second year semester 2 study, or I will abandon my blog again for the sake of study. HAHAHA yet I still don't think so, as me myself can't even stop looking at the new layout, it's just too nice.


Actually I have an idea, because I will be leaving tomorrow and back on 3rd of January, maybe I can hold another brunch party before my school ends? Thinking of making breakfast platter, but I'm not sure if I have the energy to make it or the people to invite. Hmm, or I just cook for myself as the last meal before school. Sien.

Don't will this post, due to the written part since last year, which I don't want to waste, I decided to post it, of course I won't expect you to enjoy it but you probably not going to read until this part. It's as boring as my life right now but who knows what coming next, stay tune.

Too much cats around my life recently, they are cute, maybe can do some cats' photo spam for next post and scare Leshan away.


the original name of this post is "Rantation" which means nothing because it's not even in the dictionary. But I define it as rant, to make sure I have enhance my english from level 1 to level 1.1, I decided to rename it. HAHAHA

Go on judge my english please, judge me for mixing past and present tense, go ahead, please, give me attention.


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