Saturday, 9 August 2014

Photocopy in Malaysia vs SG

So I was  one of the people who assume Malaysia had cheaper items on overall view, Singaporean love to have their weekend spent in Jb because it's so much cheaper no matter clothes or daily product from tissue to shampoo.

It's was very surprisingly shocking when it comes to photocopy things in Malaysia and JB, not to say about the technology of JB was no competitor at all, and the quality of the end was so much difference. To start off this, you could find a store offer off set printing easily in Singapore especially in front of my school, it's like 10 photocopy stores in a row and you could choose your favourite stores based on your favourite colours, temperature or even the handsome or beauty staff ( although most were aunty and uncle yet friendly ) ( most of them are friendly ).

There's several times when I had no choice to print things in JB, because my brain didn't function well when it came to bringing things.

And you will realise how ridiculous colour printing can be in Malaysia. 


I can have 50 cent SGD for one piece A4 full colour, but here can be like 2.50 or 3, and you might found somewhere below 2 but the quality is like 0.01% of what I got from SG.

It just couldn't compare because you can easily tell how bad was the photocopy machine.


Now I would talk about my most recent experience.

I need to print something on A3 art card but initially it wasn't planned to be printed. So when the day I realised I never brought those art cards that I bought, and I was like never mind, I could do it in JB.

So I asked my friend how much was it because she was also bringing her own paper and just print at the store, and they charged her 20 cent SGD. 

Then just now I went to Plaza Pelangi 4th floor which was the very famous printing shop and I would not say the name. So I showed my paper and asked that ****h to print, ( it was like the better printing shop that could be found in JB ), let the convo begin :

Me : Erm, sorry, how much if I want to print this on this paper?
Aunty : The paper so thick ah? Hmm, RM 5 FOR ONE.
Me : Wt*, seriously?
Aunty : Yea, one for 5.
Aunty : It's like this one lor, i think you student so I give you this price, normally we do this in RM 8.
Me : ROFL I can do this in SG with 20 cent leh?!
Aunty : No eh, we don't have this price.

Then I started to scold that aunty to my sis because she gave me the " your head " stares and face just now when I said that I could do the same with 20 cent SGD.


I swear to God that I will never ever go to that shop anyone, it's not the first time that they anyhow charged me, long ago, I was there to print my portfolio, and they freaking charged me 8 ringgit for one piece A3, and the colour was kinda yellowish. Luckily I still got sometime to do the printing on Monday, or I really don't know what to say.

You can compare Sg and Malaysia in so much points, from food to clothes to even printing. 

So here to end my short rant and please do click on my sidebar on the Foon Yew 101th Anniversary x Doi Chaang to link to Doi Chaang JB for more info. 

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