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Doi Chaang Coffee : Illegal Drug

" It scored 93 in and being ranked as the Top 1% coffee in the world. "


To start off, let's talk about the story of Doi Chaang. Doi Chaang in Thai means Elephant Hill, it's located at the north region of Thailand and owned by the Akha tribe who owned the land. Going back in times in 1983, with the help of Thailang King, Akha people were given a batch of high quality Arabica coffee plant and being taught on the technology and skills for the plantation of the coffee.

Not only because of the great geographical condition, weather with enough rain and the high quality of soil, everything from the region had made Doi Chaang achieved the rank as one of the world's premium coffee plantation.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company was finally found in the association of Canadian who assisted the Akha tribe for giving the help for selling the premium coffee beans directly towards the international market hence improved the living of the people. It's was a fair trade company that made it so special from others coffee company, the legendary story that speak about upholding a respectful view helping the welfare and amenities of the tribe and letting us to get a chance for trying the top ranked 1% premium coffee.


Caffeine dosage hits on me all the time, it's not about how much one place can give me the ambience to drink a cup of latte because my addiction is not about the place but the coffee beans. And I've been searching and trying out different places with different people and different moods, and I finally encounter with Doi Chaang Coffee ( located at JB City Square, 4th floor, J4 - 20). I think that the taste of a cup of latte changes as my mood, but I finally intake the endorsement of how Doi Chaang grab my feelings and the experience chatting with the marketing director, Ivan, which impressed me with the story of Doi Chaang and how it's all about.

Personally, I don't think I have any enough experience or even knowledge when it comes to talking about coffee, the beans or even making a latte art. What's make a cup of coffee perfect is purely based on my senses through my tongue and the flush of coffee against the direction of my taste buds. And Doi Chaang Coffee did a great job on me and created the chemistry of my soul with it. Lol.

Not to mention it's organic. I meant the coffee beans itself is certified organic and also being recognised by the USA and Europe's premium coffee association, which helped to improve the identity and convince the people for trying the premium taste of true coffee.


I had a great time when talking to Ivan.

Q : What makes you start of the business?
A : It's all started in a coincidence, everything was just on the spot so I started.

Q : Is it always a dream of start of a business?
A : Own a cafe was always a dream when I was young.

Q : Why Doi Chaang?
A : I guessed it's the taste. When I was first encountered with this coffee, I was impressed with the taste of it and with the further understanding of the history of it, I wanted to let more individuals to know about it.

Q : What's your favourite?
A : I love the original, Americano is the best.

Q : What would you recommend if I'm new towards Doi Chaang?
A : Iced Doi Chaang will be great, it's double shots of espresso with milk and foam, it's more into an Asian flavour and most of the people enjoy it, it hits the best seller all the time.

Q : Anything other than coffee?
A : There's different seasons for the coffee plants, Doi Chaang produced great quality of tea, Blue Tea is a must try if you're a tea lover. Besides, we have flavoured soda, green tea milk and melon tea, they are the all time favourite!

Q : How many types of coffee blend you're serving?
A : Currently due to the space and just the start off of Doi Chaang, I hope to bring in more variety of choices like the peaberries and Luwak for the consumers.

Q : What makes Doi Chaang different from other franchise coffee company?
A : I guessed it's the spirit and the story behind, then it's the coffee beans, we were ranked at the top!

Q : Besides drinks, what are you serving?
A : We have cakes, currently are crepes. We will be serving more in the future.

Q : What kind of experience you're trying to give to the customers?
A : Due to the small space, we try to give our customers a friendly and welcome feelings for serving, and the food and drinks will convince them. Haha

Q : What kind of experience the customers will get?
A : Look at the surrounding, with the tonality of green and earth colours, we try to provide a harmony atmosphere with the peeking from the forth floor. I am always amazed by the view.


Let's take a look of the atmosphere, for a location in a shopping mall, Doi Chaang fully utilised the space with the earth colours furnitures to translate the story of them and provided different types of chairs and tables for the customers for their personal preference.

I personally love the seat facing outwards, it's a magnificent view while you just chilling with coffee and watching people walking in different speed in the 5 floors of stores.

Grand Opening

Friendly staffs


Doi Chaang menu review!

Let's take a look on their signature product! Start off with caffeine drink, non-caffeine and cake:

Cappuccino is about the ratio in between espresso, milk and foam. Trained barista can do it right and that's why the espresso took the main part that decide whether it's a cup of great coffee. Personally in love with the after taste of Doi Chaang coffee beans, pure breed arabica with the asian infused roast has take the taste of it to a next level. Everyone needs coffee, if you're looking for a mild one? Go for it. Or you can order an Americano with the pure intake on Doi Chaang great coffee.

Iced Doi Chaang is about two shots of espresso, milk and foam. Not to mentioned sugar is added to a optimum level that really enhance the taste with an interesting take. It can be sweet at the first sip with a strong coffee based and after half cup of it, you just can't stop yourself from it. It's the signature and a MUST TRY to understand why people love Doi Chaang.

Doi Chaang Mocha Special, another signature with everyone's all time favourite, mocha, by adding second layer of flavour by blending the drink with coffee beans. By every sip, you can actually feel the crunchiness of the roasted coffee beans and the taste infused through all the tastebuds. Cocoa and coffee are bff, I swear, especially when it comes to Doi Chaang Mocha Special.

Tea lover cannot miss this, Doi Chaang Organic Blue Tea takes the Wu Long tea plantation with their great geographical condition and the highlands atmosphere, produces a total impact that different from any other tea leaves. Personally, I love the colour of it, then the fragrance in nose with the tea flush in my throat and the fragrance raised from the throat back to the nose and telling you that life's good with a cup of great tea. I love coffee, and I love tea, different from Earl grey or camomile or English Breakfast, it's soft and gives you a visual of greenery.

Not to mention Green Tea Milk, matcha powder and steamed milk created a balance of sweetness and  the solid taste of green tea. I think that the green tea flavour is quite strong in it, it's more into a personal preference but this is also a must try if you're not planning to get a cup of coffee.

Melon milk! Ivan told me that their melon syrup ( actually all of their syrup ) are imported directly from Doi Chaang, which you can find them no where, and this give you the best reason to try out this!! It's really refreshing and good, although it can taste a little bit sweet, but hey, melon is meant to be sweet! The fruit flavour transform the milk into a fancy drink, why get plain milk since there's something better?

First thing strike on me from Iced curacao soda, the vibrancy of the drink! It's kinda like the crystal clear ocean and it does taste like the summer at the beach. Sweet and sour with a twist of lemon at the tip of your tongue makes a hot day perfect. It's the signature flavoured soda from Doi Chaang. And Ivan told me it's from some kind of flower? MUST TRY.

Doi Chaang offered a bunch of flavours in crepe, Vanilla, Latte, Tiramisu, Matcha and etc, try to your luck to see what's available when you visit! Besides, they have different cakes in times, it's a top up on your coffee experience, and you can ask for a drawing on your plate! ( But for photography purpose, I asked them to do a simple one haha )


Extra shots of your cafe experience that Doi Chaang is serving :


It's a worldwide recognised, and first found in JB, soon in Singapore as well, what makes you hesitate is gonna be yourself as you afraid that you can't forget how great it is after you taste it! Lol.

I can't wait to see what Ivan brings to their JB branch, you can have a thousands of reason to stay inside your bed but you must get up and try it out, I promised, and please do not blame me on drug-ing you with the great coffee. Everyone deserves good things, and if it comes of coffee, Doi Chaang gonna make it right.


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  2. Nice one! Here's my blogpost about my experience at Doi Chaang Coffee! Have a look, love this cozy cafe. :)

  3. Nice one! Here's my blogpost about my experience at Doi Chaang Coffee! Have a look, love this cozy cafe. :)


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