Wednesday, 2 July 2014

#suddensthrowback Krabi + Phuket phone flashback.

Hey yo people, due to the hot weather, I couldn't blog. The heat is overheating everything, from the top to the bottom and I was almost cooked.

So here comes to another photo spam post with my Krabi and Phuket trip in end of May if not wrong. I went there for 5 days? I couldn't really remember. Lol. It's a trip of 10, aunties and uncles with cousins.  You will see them in the photos below so just scroll down if you were not interested with my crap.

It was actually the first time that I went to Krabi and Phuket, everyone knows I love beaches, and I love the ocean. They were just like my long lost brothers or sisters as they had the same frequency that connect me so well. Not to say the snorkelling experience. 

I love the snorkelling in Phi Phi Island. I still remember the time I went to Langkawi with my friends in the end of secondary, the snorkelling was like 1 type of fish all over the sea bed but the one I had in Phi Phi is like 50 types?

I freaking see the whole sea bed with urchin which was very cooooooool because I never know they looked so cute. Not to mention about those colourful creatures.

I couldn't breath when I saw them! ( of course la, inside water leh ._. ) ( siao ah, got wear the breathing mechanism for snorkelling la == )

But I don't have underwater camera and most of the photos were with faces. LOLLOL so I should call this as a selfie spam.




Actually there should be more photos but on the second last day I started to diarrhoea and it last until I was back in Malaysia. After all the diagnosis, I strongly believed that it was caused by the tom yam flavour cup noodles that I had on one of the night in Phuket but overall it's a great trip with awesome people, beach, sea and the best of all, a getaway from the noises in the city.

Well, I don't mind to go again, but I will be more careful with the food intake. LOLLOL so as you. 

Ohya, the must go destination definitely is the island hopping, you will never disappointed!!!



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