Saturday, 26 July 2014

Mainstream : Chapter 1

Last time I used to say like I'm not going to do mainstream stuff. Lol because mainstream is just..

too mainstream.

But yet I'm just that mainstream ass who said himself for denying himself as mainstream. I still remember when I was still in secondary, there's a time when Starbucks went off the top. Every secondary student start to have this coffee addict that want to get a cup of Starbucks, and it's like an identity, which represent some social statement?

Then of course me as well, I started to post photos like Starbucks, those coffee, those food, those place, checked in at Starbucks, and just show it off all over the social media, it's like you gonna take a photo of it and post it no matter what or you're left out.

Then after a while, you could see the photos that trend in Instagram were like those simplicity inspired, great use of white space photos with food, clothes, coffee, or anything even plants, laptop, book, blah blah blah. And people realised that this Japanese kind of simplicity must be done, so everyone started to take photos and posted them online with the great proportion of white space and the best adjustment of contrast and saturation.

Move on to coffee, it's like the Starbucks just now but people didn't go mainstream branded coffee but authentic cafes in the town. And you could see people took photos once the food or drinks were served. Then it's gonna be soon posted online with checked in to be seen by others like me, and I would be like " oh hey, who who who enjoying coffee at where where where leh, shuang lor, I also want to be like that!"

One by one, people non stop to go different place with coffee and took a photos of them just to be shared online. Somehow I wondered how many of them really understand coffee? But of course there were a lot of them who passionate on coffee and study them ( like me ) but there are people who just go on as everyone was doing it.

But the diagram on top is just part of it, if you really go into different type of combination and ratio of espresso and milk, you will see how cool can a cup of espresso and milk being named. Lol

And now ( but since long ago, you can see people who tried to act chio, but not everyone had the X-factor to carry out the feeling. Want to see the examples?


Act chio FAIL.

So it's like people just can't stop doing what others are doing, and we call this the as something like #swag or #cool stuff which can really reflects into marketing strategy or even business opportunity. So somehow I wonder if people who started something new and different is because I do on his own priority or it's just something meant to be done?

Just like what happened few months back when the RED People are rising fast, and a lot of things started to be kinda outrageous in a way that they purposely make them happened. And websites like the gigacircle make up a fuss with it with lots of ' continuous ' stories or even ' new creation ' on stories which actually happened to make a lot of views that can actually create a high SEO which resulted in earning a lot of money.

It's some kind of things that people do nowadays aren't fully in a purpose of sharing them. Like me, or you or even he, she, it. A cute dog can gain popularity is not done by itself, no one will even teach a dog on how to function a freaking smartphone that so sensitive and dogs' paw are just too fluffy to control.

So I think I'm enough until here. But will keep on updating because this kind of thing is getting mainstream, and I do it purely for sharing purposes but also gaining views just like why you're reading it right now.

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