Thursday, 12 June 2014

#suddensthrowback Korea Trip Phone flashback! Part 2

Hahahaaaaaaaa, now is my sister's phone. All the photos from her Korea trip! Well, you'll see different kind of photos and different kind of angles. And she took more food photos lol, actually she spammed a lot, browsed through all of them and choose like 60 plus to show == still quite a lot....

She also took videos, chose 2 from them which are the aggressive sheep, it's at the bottom of the photos!

For #suddensthrowback Korea Trip camera flashback! Click 

For #suddensthrowback Korea Trip phone camera flashback! Part 1, Click




Okay, I know my posts are getting wordless and all over with photos, promise to rant more, no worries. Have a lot to share about my bangla neighbour's rambutan tree and my maid.


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