Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#suddensthrowback Korea Trip phone flashback!

Here comes the second part of my Korea trip sharing! Click here for first one! HAHAAH, well at least here you can see some photos of Korean Food? And I will be including 2 short videos of cute bear and snow. HAHAHAH

Then I asked my sis, and she told me she took quite a lot photos when we were at Korea, so I decided next one I will be sharing those photos from her phone, and she got extra food photos then me I think.     Hahaha

Top will be the photos and video will be at the bottom of the post. :O

Just want to talk more about how I felt for my Korea trip. The thing I loved the best must be the Mountain Seorak as I said in my last post on the Korean Trip camera flashback! I still remember how big the snow was, and almost every spot of the mountain was covered as the wind blew on my face and I had the moment of how 甄嬛 felt about. HAHAHAHA indeed, in the moment, I realised you can never tell how it felt or how was it like until you really did it yourself. Then is the food. I loved them all.

Enlarge to have a clearer look. Hahahaha

Haih, hopefully there will be another chance again for me to travel Korea again. 

More posts coming soon, S.

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