Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#suddensthrowback Korea Trip camera flashback!

HAHAHA, yeap, as promised, I'm going to share my Korea trip like after 6 months! Yea!!

Just a glance throughout those photos taken in Korea ( in my camera ), I realised I was so ugly and don't know what the heck was I doing in the photo, that's why I had selected a few of them to share HAHAHA, basically it's all with my face on and my family's face. A reminder, we really enjoyed the food in Korea, but the point is that those food were so nice and we forgot to take photo before eating them, so there's no food at all. Hmm, maybe the hotdog roll that I had on the first day I arrived? But there will be food photos in the next post that about my Korea photos that taken in my phone ( too much to be sort out, lots of blurred and bad photos ).

The best place I went was definitely is Mountain Seorak, the snow was big and my face was totally freezes when I was on the top of the viewer spot.

So there you go the photos, 

That's all, if you gonna ask me the name of the place? There were theme park, mountain, island, last but not least the palace! 


Just a update that I'm currently working on a lookbook, and the photo session wasn't good. Weather is  bad and rain like almost everyday. Which kind of ruin my plan. Zzz. But it's okay, I will try my best.


Do stay on to check on the #suddensthrowback Korea Trip phone flashback!

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