Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Magnum Gold Unboxing

Probably every of you had watched the commercial of the Magnum Gold.

Okay, I love Magnum but I never try Gold before until last week if not wrong. Actually in the past I really didn't like Magnum a lot. How the hell will I pay for like 4.50 for an ice cream? Then, my family turned into an obsession on getting Magnum Mini instead so we can save a little money but it didn't help at all. == 

Lol, but I started to cut down from taking in Magnum but last month was my aunty's birthday so my dad summed up like 6 boxes of Magnum and Magnum Mini in the fridge as dessert after dinner. But all of us forgot about it and it all become our dessert after meal for the next few weeks. Lol then weeks ago my mum saw this Magnum Gold was in promotion, it's like one box for 9 plus and it's damn cheap, so there's one box in my fridge again.

Until that day only I tried it for the first time, stop laughing if you think that I'm kind of ignorance, HAHAHA but that's the true that I just tried Gold. HAAHAHA

The packaging was in classic colour, black and gold but not a classic design though. Could have done better by eliminating extra lines and unnecessary designs.

Open in all gold inside.

Literally in yellow colour while they said it's gold colour, but it's okay.

Layered in chocolate and if not wrong there's salted caramel.

Done with the same stick without any proof that I just had a Magnum Gold.

Super pretty inner packaging in gold colour. They should have make the outside in gold colour with a big MAGNUM word. 


To sum up this whole unboxing experience on Magnum Gold,
Packaging     :    4.37 / 10
Packaging inside     :    9.66 / 10
Taste     :    6.93 / 10
Taste after third bite     :    2.18 / 10
Satisfactory     :    5.34 / 10
Chance of Getting another Gold     :    0.97 / 10

Overall experience     :    4.91 / 10


It rely look tasty with no doubts, I just don't get use to this super sweet diabetic kind of flavouring and that's why the marking goes so low, it's just a personal preference, maybe you would like to get diabetes? Who knows? 

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