Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Another joke from my maid.

I know someone gonna said, " oh God, again. " But I'm still gonna repeat what my maid did before before telling what's new from her.

If you remember, ( actually I'm not sure whether I post this before lol ) my maid gave one of my polo to those foreign worker live beside my house. It's from Giordano and a colour blocking pink-grey polo. If you're lucky then you might get a chance to see that bangla wearing it and tanning on the balcony. If not wrong few of my friends saw before. Lol

Beside this, I think you all definitely remember about the ironing clothes with no electric on thing. So it was one time when I was walking to the kitchen and saw her watching tv inside the room where she did all the ironing work. Then I turn back and walk into the room for sure to stop her of course. But then when I stepped in the room, she was ironing the clothes with the iron. Oh ya, then I saw the only socket was plugged with the tv. Eh, then she ironed with no electric?

Give you some space of imagination.. zzz

Enough with the rant lol, here come the new story.


I bought a new white shorts. It's a super nice short although it's super short too. I love the design actually and that's why I bought it. Turned out online shopping can be very deceiving. The photo wasn't this short but the actual one is kinda short. Luckily the design is still nice. Yea, I love white shorts but the thing is that it's very easy to get dirty.

So I asked the maid to wash it before I gonna wear it. And I even told her that it's a new short and please wash it separately without mixing with any other clothes in colour. Just put it alone in a solo pail of water.

Oh great then the next morning she came upon to me and said that the short was ***king stained on red colour at the back of it. I was like wtf man, I told you to wash it separately and how can the colour got onto it?! And she better gave me some reasonable reason. Before I started anything, she claimed herself that she washed it separately and didn't know why this could happened, blah blah blah.

And of course I pissed, a white short with red stain and how am I going to wear it?! ( but i decided not to care the stain and continue wear it la.. ) And here comes the reason why the short got on red colour.

( she speak in malay but I translate into english. )

" I think your shorts hor, the colour got faded la, that's why it become red colour. "

So, her theory was that my white short was originally in red colour and it was being dyed into white colour. And then after her wash, the ****ing white colour got off and the original red colour was coming out, genius.

Give her an Oxford or Cambridge cert please, even the stray dog knew what happened and you told me my white short got faded into red.

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