Wednesday, 18 June 2014

13th Storey : Bev C Cafe on the second floor.

So I saw Serhan / @serhanchoo went to Bev C like two days ago on her Instagram, so today I gave a try with Leshan / @laileshan. The space was small yet the surrounding was awesome. Okay, it was a totally different feeling with other cafes. 

Cacti everywhere and light bulbs.

Because it was after lunch, so we just got the drink. Peach tea and espresso ice cubes in caramel + milk.

Spot the white kitty. HAHAHA

I'm so sorry but I gonna post these two photos. XD

So they offered a great place with nice lighting.

Books available too for you to doodle, so I left mine although I didn't know what the hell was I drawing. 


Just some extra shots on the menu and cacti again. Lol

Super love the menu.


Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
Right beside the Mariner's Cafe, two stores beside the red building
Black look from outside, cool, and you gonna know which is it when you're there.


I bet you all know where is it, definitely I will go again. Hahaha, just too many days of staying at home, but the weather is hot, who cares to go out. Lol hopefully all my friends come back soon so I can meet them all up soon.

S. and the leftovers on 13th Storey.

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