Saturday, 24 May 2014

DIY : All I know about taking and editing selfie on phone.

Okay, this is an important topic. There are friends been asking about my photos, like how I took them and how the edit is done. To clarify, HAHAHAAH, most of my photos are taken by my phone itself, I'm using Samsung Galaxy S4 featuring 13MP at the back and 2MP at the front. Been a long time didn't use my camera to take photos, if you read my blog since long ago then you will know I'm using Power-Shot G1X and a camera stand. 

It's 2014, I believe there's no photos that is not being edit. Not to say Photoshop CS6, a phone can do a lot from filter, colours and even liquify. But I don't use them all because I don't know how to use. LOL and even you don't use them, you still can use your angle to create the cam illusion.

Go on to phone camera, I don't think Samsung has a great development on the phone camera, all the photos took in door or at night are bad in quality, you can see all the noises and the photo looks coarse, like a truck just went on your face. But I think iPhone did a great job no matter where or when you want to take a photo. But it's okay, I'm not changing to iPhone because I found the best timing and the way to take a good photo with my S4.


The most important thing is the timing to take photos. Believe me or not, an evening light is the perfect no matter you're a human or a dog. Sufficient sunlight is what you need wh you're taking photos, especially a #selfie. Your house is a square bode and at 4 sides, there are windows. When it's about 3 or 4 pm, search for the window that is facing the sunlight, and get a chair then sit in front of it. 

Remember, you don't need the sunlight shine on your face, but a sufficient sunlight that make your face look good. 

I'm using my front camera ( the 2 MP one ) for the photo below.

Here's a example, ( my current profile pic on FB HAHAAH, when it's still the original ), usually i get one side of my face facing the sunlight so that the other side is darker and create the shadow effect to make my features look more profound. 

For this photo, I'm using Camera 360, which provided you a tons of filters that you can see directly from your screen live to you with yourself with the filter on. Which is good. Samsung phone camera is very saturated, usually I will use the filter under Magic Skin, which is the Light. This filter basically whiten the whole photo and tone down the saturation in the photo, as what you see the photo, even my skin look like I got my whitening injection for 15 times.


You need a perfect angle for your face, usually I don't  care and snap whatever angle then choose one from it. LOL and it's the easiest way. Because I got really short chin, so I don't like any side shots because I will look like I have no chin, which is the truth because I don't have it. Urgh.

Which makes the shadow very important to create the effect that I own a freaking chin. 

After you took the photo, straightly go to the edit section in the app so adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation. Saturation is the most important when you're using the Light filter because as I said, the filter tone down all the saturation. Besides, lower a little brightness and higher a little contrast will make your face features stands out with a strong shadow.

This photo is after I adjust the 3 things I said above. To make you see the difference, I will put two photos together below.

Obviously the face already look more profound with the contrast. This step will take your photo to another level and make the Samsung front camera divine. LOL

So after the adjustment, you need to work on the filter. If you think that you don't need any filter then it's fine because sometimes when I'm lazy, I will just adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation. But if you're hardworking, then go further. Besides the 3, I edited the hue of the photo because I think that the purple shirt is too strong, so I make it more blueish by adjusting the hue which also can be done all in camera 360.

After this, go on adding your filter until you're satisfy. I personally suggest Pixlr Express and VSCO Cam. Both of them provide a lot of filters with adjustment which is good. So you can have this filter with 10% effect and hat filter with 25% effect and the photo will look dope.

So the final outcome of my photo is this :

I give the kinda monochrome background because I want to compliment the purple shirt with the brownish background. And I tone down the skin to make it more realistic instead of white light all over it. So below I will show the series of photos between all my edit so you can see how the photo transform from the original to this.

So that's all for this, and now you know how I took my photos and maybe you can tell me how you took yours and we can share with each others on the tips on taking and editing photos on phone like a pro. LOL although we aren't. HAHAHAHA

I'm happy to share all this, because everyone deserves to post a good photo online, and I want to dedicate this post to my friend, Wei Shann, you can follow her on her Instagram, she took nice photos also haha, and somehow her hair looks so good in her last few posts. XD

There will be more post about taking and editing photos on phone if you guys continue asking me. LOL but I really don't know how to explain well on how I do it. Maybe you can send me the photo and I will do the edit for you. Hmm. One photo for 25 dollars. Hahaha, bye.


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