Thursday, 8 May 2014

13th Storey : Whereas.

It's weird when I told my friends that I'm kind of in love with the name of 13th Storey. I still remember how the name came across, it's when I went to my friend's house when I was in sg, so the lift went all the way up until the 13th storey. It's not happened in this way though. LOL

So I stand by the door and looked down. It's the grey and red tiles all over the ground, lorries reversing and cars just paused at there without moving. Then I move up my sight, and I saw real nice bougainvillaea hanging in from all doors along the walk path in front each units, while sun shined on them.

The wind was either strong or weak, touched my face with the soothing slides, all over my skin, and I realised I was the only one standing on the sidewalk, no matter which sides I turned, the left, the right, vanishing point was in the centre and I felt infinite. 

But I can see the shades and silhouette, shaking hopelessly.

Then I walked towards the lift again, and I saw the 13th storey, the truth of walking up or moving down was not a choice after all, because you just need to step in the lift. WT* HAHAHAHA I don't know what the hell am I saying right now. LOL

Anyway, after that, I started to love the 13th Storey, it's the place where all the things are all happening, people moving and continuing, no one is stopping and no one will because there's no ending no matter you turn left or right. Just like the highway. Lol, if you remember my highway quote.


It's okay, I will rephrase it here then.

I think I wrote something like 就像高速公路一样,看得到尽头可是却到不了 , it means... erm.. " It's like driving on the highway, you can see the end but you will never get there. " LOL 


I don't know why I'm writing about the 13th storey, I shouldn't have told anyone. Lol but if I delete the whole part then I need to write a whole new passage again. LOL so you guys just earn it! 

But I guessed no one cares to know about it la. HAHAHAHA wtf

I rewatched The Perks of Being a Wallflower again. And this time, I only realised the movie. I think the last time I watched it was maybe one year or more ago? And to me, it was just a long and slow movie with not really great plot. 

That's why people said some movies deserve to be watched again, and this movie is a MUST to watch in ones life I guessed.

For the first time, I really felt that I'm touched, not because someone die in the film or some couple finally got together, but how the lines are plotted and how the scenes are being arranged. I cried twice on The Perks of Being a Wallflower, once when Emma Watson told Charlie that she wanted to make sure the first one he kissed in his life was someone who truly loved him, and she kissed him.

( sorry but I only know the real name of Sam, Emma Watson, so Charlie is still Charlie, HAHAHA but I will get to know him, I swear, without his act, the movie won't have gone so far, he was like the person to bring me ups and downs all along the movie )

Why I say the movie is a must watch? It's a great feeling, and I think that everyone undergoes problems and trauma throughout his life, and what makes us grow and go so far is where we came from, I guessed the movie just want to tell something that everyone knows but no one really understands.

There are tons of quotes from the movies, and the last sentence in the movie and the last line in the book as well is the best. And i just realised I just wrote that " I felt infinite " when I'm standing on the 13th Storey up there. What a coincidence.

Isn't it hard to feel okay when the situation is not okay, yea, the truth is that we are just the star dust in the infinite universe, how can we feel much when there's nothing much than us. Well, maybe we just need to stand still and believe much on ourselves.

I think it's kinda true, the english lecturer told Charlie that we always choose those lousy people to couple with, because what we think we deserved is only that much. And this is just can't stop repeated in all the drama and movies. Even in 甄嬛传 wtf LOL

甄嬛说 :“ 掌上珊瑚怜不得,却教移作上阳花 ”

We always think that the good things have a better place to stay. They don't stay around with us but moving forward, whereas we just stop at the same position after all. HAHAHA move on people.

If I'm going to rate for the movie, it will get about 7 out of 10 overall, but if the rating is only giving based on the story itself, it will at a 11. How true can something true being so true? Yea, the answer is a clear cut and you can't deny it from your own.

Sitting in Coffee Valley on Jalan Trus right now, I think I have been here for the whole afternoon. Hahaha, from I'm the only customers until now, (like 5 tables are with people) I think it's a great place to enjoy my afternoon. but it's only when I'm still alone la, hahahaha but a place full with people isn't that bad too.

Above is my favourite photo, this is how far a phone camera can go. HAHAHA but actually it's the edit that make the focus stronger and create the attention on the focus area.

The Waffle Parfait is only available in the Coffee Valley at Jalan Trus, but with the price, I don't think it worth the price, but you can try if you're not looking for the sweet kind of desert. Mine is the Tiramisu Waffle Parfait, this will be the perfect choice is you're looking for a bitterness in your dessert. And perfect of such a rainy weather. Hahaha. 

Will pay my visit again to blog, it's a great place in a tiny space. But after all, I'm all alone. 

More posts soon.

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