Thursday, 22 May 2014

13th Storey : On your own.

People just say that change is good. Well yea if you change into something good, who the hell will know Voldemort is bad when he is young? He eventually change into a bad characteristic with evil mind. 

But this is personal I think, good or bad is just depending on your own point of view. I can say a corgi is cuter than a husky but you might say that husky is cuter? Can't deny, both of them are just freaking cute when both in baby. Just that adult husky is too big in size. LOL or else you just need to breed them.

Hahaha, I like it when it's so cute.

I listen to lots of songs nowadays, this holidays just get more and more boring, I have nothing to do like literally nothing to do than eating, bathing, watching movies and sleeping. Just off to lock the main gate in front of my house, and got some sarcastic comment on my legs. They said my legs are too thin, even thinner than my sister, and I was like so pissed of because why you have to comment on them? People just gonna judge, well said, and I know they just gonna judge, but I always get pissed although I knew I will be judged.

Wahseh, how true.

Watched a few movies, most of them are comedy. No, all of them are comedy because I found them great to be watched in the night, and I just can't stop myself from laughing. Why comedy is great? You just chilled and laugh your ass out, while no one cares. But I don't really remember all the movies I watched AHAHAH this is comedy, they can be not so memorable sometimes lol

I watched The Heat, Red 2, American Reunion, We're The Millers, Brave, Bad Teacher and last but not least my favourite The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Downloaded Cloud Atlas, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Actually I downloaded The Lego Movie but I watched for like 30 seconds and decided to delete it. Maybe I don't like how the lego move, they look like all of them have really bad joints and it hurts every second when they move.

I think I'm in some kind of disease that has no cure. I'm so damn tired every night but just doesn't feel like sleeping at all. And I just go on watching movies and videos until I'm real torn off then only I went for a sleep. It's super unhealthy and my complexion is like a dead body just crawl out from it's grave. But nothing helps other than these stupid comedy movies hahahah because laughing is a great exercise to loss weight.

Oh damn it, I just realise the reason why I'm so thin is because I laughed too much. Now I know the disadvantage for being someone who laughs a lot.

I don't say a person who laugh a lot considered happy, because happy can be a different topic then laughing. Laughing is a kind of emotion cover that express in a way of extremeness. Well, believe me or not, whatever makes you laugh is just over exaggerated things, no matter it's a video or movie, jokes or talks. And you just over exaggerate them in an over exaggerated way. How fake.

Haha, just saying because there are thing that give the happiness laughters other then all the bullshit I mentioned above.

I was watching Shila Amzah's Listen from her competition, I am a Singer 2 in China, been watching it for quite a lot of times and I think the song is great, and her voice is good enough to express the song.

Actually I never heard of this song before only until I watched her competition. And then I go on YouTube then only realised the original singer singer is Beyoncé. Hahaha, and I think this song is a very technical and a real hardcore song because if the high pitch and the exchange in between the real voice and fake.

--- line of the crossing date ---

LOL, this is all because i stop the  post maybe a weeks ago, and now I'm continuing it. The funny thing is that I actually watched Cloud Atlas, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and the Mr, Peabody and Sherman. Too much movies nowadays. LOL and I went cinema with cousins for Godzilla, then currently watch Becoming Jane halfway. Hahaha, siao.

Okay, I said The Perks of Being the Wallflower is the best, then I realise best can be multiple. Cloud Atlas is perfection, it's a total different from Wallflower, and how the movie is so well plotted, it definitely is the must watch movie in a lifetime. Hahaha, people sure get busy because too much movies to watch. LOL

Gonna thanks the one who intro the Cloud Atlas for me, but i sent the message, and the message never deliver. Maybe it's all fated, just like what the movie about. Almost 3 hours show, but you just can't move your eyes away, like how amazing it is. It's a combination of 6 generation ( different timing and years, from past to future ) and telling the same story that happened in different ways. You may never believe in karma, but you will only realise everything is fated like your Deja Vu in last night's dream. 

Cloud Atlas is phenomenal, how great it is? The ultimate truth of everything, this is the ultimate EVERYTHING. You can cry, and smile but it's the never ending piece of wonderful translation of you and all.

And the ending, Cloud Atlas Sextet ( which is the musical script in the movie ) will take your breath away.

This is at the ending of the film, try to search for pure piano version or orchestra  on YouTube if you want to know how it sounds. There are a lot of different version that repeat the same. Believe me or not, I swear to the God, I have Deja Vu when listening to it, and you need to listen to it too, just spend the 4 minutes and you will know.

A movie that supposed to be a bad one when it goes to Hollywood but it turned into such a great movie. Everything is connected, like what Sonmi said in the ending of the movie.

" I believe death is only one door. One closes, and another opens. If I were to imagine heaven, I would image a door opening. And he would be waiting for me there. "
- Sonmi~451

Sonmi~451 said there's not heaven nor hell, there's only afterlife, like ones life ended here and started at somewhere else again. She's actually a fabricant but still, she own the birthmark from her past, which kind of doesn't make sense but then it complies on what she said as one door closes indicates another opens.
It's not an old movie but it's in 2012 if not wrong. There's always a lot of great things on Earth waiting for us to explore and learn, maybe we think that we already have the best, but you never know until once life ends. It's all fated and you will continue in your destiny.
So, what you need to do, is open your browser and download the 2 movies, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Cloud Atlas. I promise, both of them 2 of the best movies I ever seen in my life, and i never regret on watching them; I never regret on anything happened in my life. 

And I will meet you again on the 13th Storey. 

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