Monday, 5 May 2014

13th Storey : The Late Night Thoughts

The holidays started like weeks ago, and I don't even remember how long and how many weeks has past already. I think it's all because the time kind of slow down after I stop travelling in and out from sg and walk for miles in one day. It's pretty slow after experiencing the fast motion of lifestyle.

So today I went Coffee Valley with my family. ( The Sutera Mall one, because I only know there's another at Jalan Trus just now lol ) My dad kinda didn't get us, because I'm like super relaxing kind of person who can sit down and enjoy some real let go moment, but my dad was like ' why people can sit here for hours and just listen to music or face the laptop? ' Hahaha, turns out the conclusion was that the lifestyle is moving towards a more atas country kind of. When you look into city like KL or Singapore or even like Shanghai, HK, people are rushing everywhere, like the one day is only 23 hours and everyone is chasing for the 24th hour. But when you look into city that well developed like European countries or Australia, people are slow... real..... slowwwwww.

Because they understand the way to enjoy the life, and the culture is highly influencing the developing countries like us. Hahaha, just saying, I don't care if you don't agree, purely thoughts.

Anywhere, I'm just anyhow writing right now because this blog is highly excluded from my life ever since my semester was ending. Luckily it's all ended.

( BTW and FYI, my english is sucks, that's why you can see past tense and present tense mixing together in one sentence, because it's quite bothering to backspace and type again. LOL )

So here are the food I had just now. LOL because I just wanna randomly share my thoughts right now. HAHA

( All the photos are taken by my phone, I love the edit thought )

Okay, it's cappuccino, rose cafe latte, iced peach tea, and two sets of waffles, one is the original and the chocobanana. Actually we ordered another fruits croissant, but the photo is in my sis's phone. Anyway, just a friendly info, if you're looking for perfect coffee, then it's not a great place because somehow the coffee served is not hot enough. LOL

But the waffles are awesome, better than mine.



This is mine. Hahaha still not bad right?!

Whatever, if you followed me on Instagram, @suddenyapp , then you will know I went for an one day trip to Malacca, it's a super fail plan though, the original plan is :

  1. Start the car at 6, and reach at 8.
  2. Go for a super class breakfast buffet at Casa Del Rio. ( FAILED )
  3. Breakfast until 10. ( FAILED )
  4. Head to Jonker Street.
  5. WALK and SHOP around until 12.
  6. Go for lunch at the super famous chicken rice stall, ( the small one and forever queuing one ) ( FAILED )
  7. Continue shop around until 3. ( FAILED )
  8. Go to the super famous Jonker 88 to have nyonya laksa and gulang melaka cendol. ( FAILED )
  9. Drive to Jusco for second round shopping. ( FAILED )
  10. Dinner at super famous Capitol Satay Celup. ( FAILED )
  11. Head home.
So, it's public holiday, and it's meant to be crowded. Turns out, WOW IT'S SUPER CROWDED. Basically, all the crowded places were crowded, so ended up we went to somewhere more ' not crowded '. 

  1. Start the car at 6, and reach at 8.
  2. Walk around Jonker Street and realised it's too early.
  3. Witnessed how crowded was the famous chicken rice stall.
  4. Saw a quite crowd but still got seat, nice Dim Sum place. ( Nice big bun and glutinous rice. )
  5. Shopping and walk around in Jonker Street.
  6. Decided to go Jonker 88 for lunch and witnessed how crowded it was. 
  7. Went to the 'famous' chicken rice which was not so nice. 
  8. Continue shopping.
  9. Head to Capitol Satay Celup at 0430 pm to queue because it's forever long queue.
  10. Witnessed the queue and decided to move to Jusco to shopping. ( there's 2 Jusco in Malacca FYI, an old one, a new one and we wanted to go to the new one )
  11. Got to the wrong road, and went to the old Jusco. ( WT*)
  12. And dinner at Nando's................
  13. Head home.
No photos because it's too hot. HAHAHA.

Got a few, it's on my Instagram. One extra here, 

But will #throwback on Instagram later. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, it's a bonus for current (until i post).

Malacca is a real nice place. I think it's my 6th or 7th time? But I just can't get enough with the city, nice food, nice buildings, even the air is nicer than JB. 

So I gonna end here, so you enjoy reading my rant? LOL get a life Sudden. HAHAHA bye and nights.

More posts soon. 

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