Monday, 31 March 2014

Photo-shoot with sis.

Always thought of a lot.

The best thing of thinking so much is that you will be always hopeful. But in the bad way, you will be only hopeful one 3 seconds. Reality really kills the dream. Sometimes I will think of a lot, until some really incredible imagination that will never happen in my life.

We always ask for so much but, well, haih.


Nevermind, get to topic. These are the photos of the last photo shooting that I did with Camen. Sorry for the delay but I'm really busy and in all rush of homework.

Anyway, the concept of it is nothing, just me and my sister being random. But to make it interesting, it's the fire outraging from the young hearts that gonna burst into thousand flares with the fierce and crawl over with all the energy being used until the end.

Camen is a good poser, but I'm not. But it's okay.

Here you go. LOL


I'm lazy. No photoshop at all but contrast and saturation because of no time. I don't want to drag my post anymore so... lol. Okay, I simply repeat the same location with different pose. Look at the space and colours and emotions, you will understand the photos eventually.

It's hard to explain by words, so you just need to focus on the photos I guessed. LOL

and I really love the last photo. <3

More post coming up soon.

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