Thursday, 13 March 2014

#ootd basic skill!

HAHAHA, to make a complete from my last post ( the one about guide to be fashion blogger ) ( too lazy to put a link, just scroll down to see ), I decided to come up with a guide to take #ootd shot and the basic skill on writing a simple outfit post!

Go on judge me what fashion blogger wanna be or what la, go go go~


Okay, to clarify,
  1. I'm ugly.
  2. I'm short.
  3. I don't own a good fashion sense.
  4. I don't shop a lot.
  5. I don't have nice clothes.
  6. I'm not a fashion blogger.
So, don't judge since I'm not professional. Lol, but if you wanna judge, then HAPPY JUDGING! Maybe can win a price for yourself! ( Go to my last post and see the bottom of the post hahaha )

Here goes to my outfit of the day! It's not inspired by anything but me, LOL.

For the shirt, it's a cheap blue/red printed.
For the shorts, it's a cheap black shorts with white embroided details.
Watch from G-Shock Tough Solar collection.
Bag from Korea.
Studs shoes.

Finish the crap, go to ootd part! Okay, this is really useful, you just need to learn the technique and apply, you will always get some awesome photos.

The background, it's just a messy hangers with boxes and tables. It's the side of my house. Of course there are many things that you need to take note but I will not sure them all because in some way, I do think that my photos have a certain standard, that's why I will keep some technique and skills on my own la.

BUT, I will be sharing the basic fundamentals.

After deciding the background, you need to pose. Pose is something very important because it showcase your outfit and yourself. People nowadays like simplicity, what white background and standing straight, I just don't get it, I understand that it's the trend but come on la, be special, like Sudden Yap.

Some examples of my poses that I have done before and some new one, follow the caption so your pose won't get wrong! ( I'm showing you the technique to pose and the idea to pose, never say that I'm a perfect poser hor, but just judge me, I'm cool with it. )

1. The standing straight with head to the right.

Just stand straight and relax, not necessary to face left, go to your comfort side because you might think that your right face looks better, but I don't care. Haha
2. Advance standing straight pose, do some twist and turn to show different part of your body and clothes.

Always play your hair if you got no props, but make sure it's a right angle, like the angle above is not a good one, but never mind la. Hahaha
Okay, this is a better angle, because the hand looks nicer and the movement of the body and body language is nicer.

Lift legs, because it shows some attitude. The photo above is obviously over saturated, but I kinda love the edit.

3. Show the back, because it's gonna be cool. 

Sometimes no matter how many shots you try, you just don't look good, then try out back shot, it's something different, and more relax without facing the camera.

4. Sudden say, do vogue style. LOL

DAMN IT, I freaking love this shot. Hahaha, but maybe me myself love it only la, judge me please so I will know.

5. Use the things around. ( Props always help, not necessary to do in my way, maybe a hat, sunglasses, or a briefcase will do. Just something that create a different view. )

The famous headache pose, run out of pose? Do a headache or hair flip. I always lift legs not because I have sexy legs but I think that its a hard pose to do and I love to do challenging pose.


I love #suddensofftheground project, it's such a great attitude. But don't you dare to copy my idea, get your own idea, off the ground if taken. Hahaha

Sudden say copy Miley Cyrus.

#suddensovereditproject , it something cool to me, over edit is always a trend but it depends on what kind of over edit you are doing.

7. Close up. Take note on the proportion and the ratio of the photo, close up can go very wrong.

You can hashtag #armswag if you post this on Instagram. Lol

8. Close up with #suddensgestureproject LOL

HAHAHA, this is just for fun.

Now you can take a good #ootd. Always keep in mind on being yourself and present yourself.

Some important points to take note. All the photos above are taken by myself. And edit is a must for photos. You will never know the power of edit until you go for it.

I never use photoshop on the photos above, but I do did some simple edit using iPhoto. Just use any phone apps because all of them provide the basic edit options.

HAHAHAHA, that's all, maybe?

More posts coming soon.


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