Wednesday, 12 March 2014

12 March 2014, Judgemental

Laugh me die, okay, it's kinda funny nowadays. 

First of all, if you are my friend in my fb, then you will see my status by this morning. Don't want to say much though because I don't give a damn to plagiarism. 

LOL, this is random.

Now is the time forrrrrrrrrrrrr,


The next thing is that I realised people can be so damn freaking funny when they are trying to do things that they are not capable in. Maybe not that they are incapable but they are just trying so hard to try to imitate or act alike, or simply wanna get attraction.

In that case then this person seriously got my attention on how funny human being can be. 

HAHAHA, sometimes, I find that trying to do an outfit post is hard. Unless you're a professional fashion blogger. Obviously I'm not. LOL but I'm here to judge others. 

"Get a life man, Sudden. You yourself is a piece of shit and you still wanna judge others?!"

Let's see how fail can an outfit post be.

HAHAHA, look at this guy, HOW FUNNY IS HE MAN. I meant seriously, you're not going to write and intro your outfit when you're wearing such a normal casual wear. Unless you have a distinct style or taste that fashion bloggers have, which is the X-factor that make them fashion bloggers. 

The guy in the photo ( LINK TO HIS BLOODY INSTAGRAM ), he doesn't even look handsome. Come on, you don't tell me this guy gonna be a fashion blogger lot or I will kill myself. ( LAUGH DIE ME SERIOUSLY )

If you wanna see how his so called "outfit post" look like, click HERE for the full post.

It's not only how funny he is when he is trying so hard to take his photos, it's all about his fashion sense man, this kind of outfit and dare to write a outfit post?!

Luckily he never tell the world where he got those clothes or it's gonna be a damn laughter and I gonna vomit my large intestine out and all over the floor. And in that post, he never show even a single photo of his overall outfit!

Okay, that's not the point, the pose is not good, the background is not good and the face is not nice. Total failure. 

But the best thing that he got is the quality of his photos, of course one cannot be so bad what, must compliment at least on the photo quality or later he get mad on me for blogging him. Maybe a pro camera or a semi pro camera is the best thing ever he got, even better than his outfit.

So, by listing out the points to be a fashion blogger:
  1. Freaking own a fashion sense.
  2. Freaking handsome and tall.
  3. Freaking own nice shoes, bags, socks, shades and accessories.
  4. Freaking own a good camera.
  5. Freaking know to pose.
  6. Freaking understand the basic on the frame of a photo ( background and props )
  7. Freaking be a freaking blogger first.

Okay, I don't really know any male fashion blogger, the one I remember is Brian See, student based in KL, and his Instagram. I don't want to screenshot his blog and share here because I never get his permission, his photos and style is very unique, street style with a tinge of attitude. Just go on and you will know. Heard that he is handsome and tall, never see him in real life before. :/

For female fashion bloggers, tons of them online, just search and you can get a reference. 


Anyway, I'm trying to juxtapose someone if you know what I meant. (Y)


Just some preview for the up coming posts because of my neglecting in blogging, so I decided to give you guys some space of imagination.

Preview on school project about self-portrait :

It's about the guy with his dark secret.

Preview on photoshoot with Camen :
(LOL, too much preview until the whole collection already can view on instagram (ALMOST)(NOT ALL YET))

The vulgarity in mental with the exposition of body language.

Preview on #suddensgestureproject :

The truth with power and strength.


HAHAHA, a junk post after so long, hope that I bring you some happiness in reading it, if you found me judgemental, then I'm so sorry, but don't tell me that you never judge. Check on my Dayre to see my reflection about judging and being judged, life's never end.

 I PROMISE to blog more, okay?!

Anyway, I shall organise some competition on how pro are you on judging me, the first place will get a chance to have a lunch with me and a super cool experience in watching me taking my judgemental photos. ;)


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