Saturday, 22 February 2014

School Project ; Portrait of a Place

Hey yo, long time no see right? Hahaha anyway, I'm here to post a series of photos which took by me for a school homework.

It's about the juxtaposition of a bear's adventure that I tried to portrait as the process of younger generation stepping into the society. Hope you like it.



There are really lots of pieces that I'm in love with, especially the fall in dandelion and the last one which is the fear of falling. Although I don't think that the lecturer really get me, but she did praise me on the framing of photos and the edit. 

Added the cold tone to enhance the reality kills factor to make sure the photos are cohesive and also included a character to bring out the story.

Hope you like it again, and more photos coming up.


I freaking cut my finger, and a lot of blood was out from my body, now feeling dizzy. LOL

Just saying, bye. 

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