Friday, 10 January 2014


Just by the name, you can easily understand the whole idea of it. Hahahaha

After a long time for not updating my blog, ( although I promised to blog on Korea trip, which gonna happen soon ) ( follow me on Dayre for my daily updates and craps ) I decided to come up with a new project which different from the #suddensovereditproject.

Basically, it's portraying the one of a kind people in the society who always come up with brand new ideas and thoughts that usual people don't. They tried hard to adapt yet they are different, they lead the new life.


Jefferson Tee | Hi-Style Pants | Renoma Socks | Sembonia Shoes | Converse Bag

They are just old clothes, only the bag is a new one, which I bought of the Korea trip. Lol anyway, these photos also represent the strength and the strong personality ( which requires balancing and a lot of energy in posing LOL ) Most of the photos, my feet are off the ground which made up the name of this project, of course, I wanted to continue this project ( If I can ) so that you guys can enjoy more   the off the ground photos from me, and of course, I wish that others can join me on the stairs and off the ground with me!

Just tell me if you know me, let's climb the stairs together, I will get the camera and stand. Hahahaha



This is damn hard. Hmm.

Nearly die for this. HAHAHA

Look properly, my right foot is off the ground. LOL

Hahahaha, okay, I'm totally at the same place and just move myself around, but hey, if you think that you're better then you can try to do it ALONE. ( although my sis helped a little, lol 0.5% credit to her ) Life is like when you're just on the process on climbing, you need to balance, need to be strong and posture with energy, hopefully you like it.

That's all I guessed. More photos coming up soon, remember to tell me if you wanna join me and off the ground!


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