Tuesday, 17 December 2013

[ sponsored ] Nestle Natural Set Yogurt Recipe Challenge

Christmas is approaching, preparation of presents, booking for dinner reservation, buying decoration and blah blah blah, everything need to be done as soon as possible for a perfect Christmas night no matter you're with your family or friends or your date, no matter who is it, it's always the one you loved to spend the Christmas.

Since it's so important, why don't just prepare yourself on a delicate dinner for the one you love and share the delicious.

Here comes to my recipe on the pasta sided with salad which corporate with the Nestle Natural Set Yogurt that comes in pure and original flavour of the yogurt.

This dish is designed into two parts,

On the left is the fresh salad with yogurt dressing; on the right is the fusion pasta that I came across my mind after many days of brainstorming. Western flavour of pasta infused with the Indian curry and the flavouring with Chinese and Western.

All the ingredients are lester below with photo preferences.

Seasoning :
  1. Nestle Natural Set Yogurt
  2. Soya sauce
  3. Sesame oil
  4. Curry Powder
  5. Salt 
  6. Sugar
  7. Oil
  8. Black pepper
  9. Italian Herbs ( easily get from any grocery stores, I'm using Masterfood )

Ingredients :
  1. Angel hair ( I prefer angel hair because it's thinner )
  2. Chicken fillet ( sliced )
  3. Mushroom ( sliced )
  4. Onion ( sliced )
  5. Veg ( Your own selection for the sided salad )

That's all. Love doesn't need expensive ingredients but how much you put in your heart to prepare it.


Follow the steps below to prepare the full set of food ( photossss for your references ) :

1. Marinate the chicken with curry powder, black pepper, sesame oil and soya sauce. After that, seal it and store into the fridge!

2. Cook the pasta, boil the hot water and cook the pasta then soak it into cold water and left a side. Prepare the ingredients to stir fry the pasta. Just follow the photos and you will know.

Add in the seasoning.

Add in water.

Close the pan. This is to soften the onions and also make sure the sweetness of the onion is fully brought out to the broth until it thicken up.

Stir in the noodles.

Set a side and prepare the curry!

3. Prepare all the curry ingredients and don't forget to take your marinated chicken from the fridge. Just follow the photos and you will know! 

( I forgot about sugar and salt in the photo, you don't forget, kay?) Lol

Add in the seasoning, curry powder.

Add in water.

Add in the Nestle Natural Set Yogurt, sugar and salt.

Try it and keep on adding salt and sugar until you're satisfied. Then set a side.

4. Prepare the vegetables for salad. 

5. Set up your plate. Either put the pasta and salad all together or separate. I'm doing it together.

6. Remember to dress your salad with the Nestle Natural Set Yogurt, it tastes refreshing to balance up the curry.

That's all! It's easy to prepare, and perfect for your dinner date.
Have fun with my recipe, it's easy and versatile if you want to change the chicken into prawn or squid. :)

Bon app├ętit!



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