Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 : Fly upon the Rainbow

Once it's in the older version with a flat animation and boring. It's the Robot Unicorn Attack 2 arrived after a time with the brand new interface with 3D animation and added different kind of features like customisation of your robot unicorn.

And the best thing is it comes in FREE, unlike the first generation which is chargeable and lack of excitement.

I was first introduced by the Google Market at the game section, not sure on which part of it, anyway it's long time ago when it's still in first version. The price was kinda unreasonable if I wasn't wrong. But now, everything's had gone better, it's free and the best game to fill your free time.

It comes with two different interface, the Ice World and the Sky World, of course, you only able to access the Ice World after you reached certain rank in the game. Rank 11 if not wrong.

The thing I love about this game is that the colour is so vibrant, it just capture all your attention because of the bright colours and super cool animations. For example, your robot unicorn just look so 3D.

( Sky World)

( Ice World)

I can't show the animation in the screenshots I took, experience it yourself by downloading it now!

After you tap to start the game, this giant super rainbow will just boom into your eyes. LOL

Basically the game is designed in a way of wishes, in every time you tap to start the game, you will encounter three times of the games as three wishes are given to you, and the total score will be calculated after three wishes are done.

Of course, it's a hard game after you reaches certain score because the speed will increase and more different kinds of 'things' will appear on the way like the Giant Robots. Sorry for not showing the photo because I just can't get the chance to screenshot the Giant due to the fast moving speed and my slow motion fingers. Lol

As the game gets harder, you will need different boosts o help you in getting higher scores and help you to enhance your team in the online battle.

Online battle? YES, this is the why the game just make me so amazed, it's designed into offline and online. There will be a selection of your team after you reaches certain rank, the Team Inferno and the Team Rainbow. 

In the online mode, you will need to help your team on accomplice the challenge and get the winning price! Yea, as you can see, the Team Inferno is super strong, and always win the daily battle, but very unfortunately that I had chosen Team Rainbow because I thought that it's colourful. LOL anyway, if you're playing this game too, please join TEAM RAINBOW and help us to win the daily battle!!!!

Of course, you can betray your chosen team and join the other team but you need to bride the team to let you join LOL and that's why I'm still in Team Rainbow because I don't wanna waste the coins in the game.

This is because you need lots of the 'coins' that you collected in the game to customise your robot unicorn!

I bought the wings, initially it just a plain robot! Haha, you need to get your wings because when you reach certain place in the game, you will need to fly, and there are different designs of wings for you!! I chose this because it's cheap and it fits my unicorn because if you want to change the unicorn, you need to pay a lot. Lol and I'm still earning the coins. 

Besides, there are different settings in the game too, you can even change the background music but you will need to pay the actual money for it. Also in the loading pages, it will show you different tips to play the games!

What are you waiting for? It's free in both iOS and Android, and it's rated in a very high scores with different comments on talking about how good the game kills the time!

Happy dashing through the stars! Hope you wishes come true!


More posts coming up soon, sorry for the lack because I've been undergo the experimental time on macarons, luckily I was succeed LOL. ;D

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