Saturday, 28 December 2013

Nothing can be done more than being random.

Had been a long time not doing blogging. Since I started my dayre. LOL

If you don't know what it is, it's a social platform of microblogging that works kinda like Instagram combined with Twitter, very interesting and very happening. Remember to follow me at for daily update of my life lol.

It's more personal I guessed? Xiaxue posted a lot of Dash's photos there, a lot more than what she did on Instagram, damn cute and you should go take a look. Lol

Yea, I'm going to Korea like in two days time, very busy on few days back, busy on packing, deciding what to wear, deciding what to pose, deciding whether I should wear a cap or shades, and which shoes I'm bringing. LOL such a nuisance for me, because I'm a damn lazy ass.

Turns out I'm only bringing one pair of shoes which is the one I'm going to wear due to the lack of space. How I hope my mum allow me to carry others pairs of shoes by hand. It just make me so bored and frustrated for just wearing one pair of shoes for 6 days?

My dad said the min. temperature is gonna be -10 degree Celcious, it's very cold I supposed. As I totally forgot the feeling of being cold since the last travelling to other country was like 2 years ago? And Australia at the moment is like 18+ lol windy but no snow.

Just about just now when I was talking to my sister, I realised nowadays kids like 14+,15+ are super damn materialistic. I wonder how their parents teach them until this kind of parasite for our society. Damn it, don't let me meet them or I will pissed till heart attack.

She said her friends are like very proud on all the stuff hanging on them? Branded, pricey, and blah blah. Come on, you're using your parents' money and nothing to be proud of, not your $ after all. I never said that you can't be in that way, I don't care what way you wanna be, just be mature please. Maybe young people aren't used to the reality much enough. Things aren't going in the way of how much you hang yourself but how much you wanna be. I do agree if your dream is hanging a lot, but hello, that's not even a dream when it comes to reality. Yea, I don't mind you to be rich, me as well wanna have a lot of money, but please, show off is not the way.

Rich in mind, people.


Watched some movies, but I have forgotten. LOL 

Surprisingly, I started on watching Nikita again, but I skipped season 3 and just started on season 4, the same, every episode just go and go and go on kill those bad people and those bad people never die. Wtf 

Still better than wasting me time on watching the sky though. HAHAHA will be watching movie later, Police Story starring Jacky Chan. I wonder why I'm telling this as I already posted in dayre even the photo of the movie tickets. Just wanna share. 

I will not let go my blog, dayre will be microblogging on my life and those smaller stuff, but good stuff and bigger stuff I will be still doing on blog, after all, blogging is the main way, nothing can be left over in Internet no matter what. I supposed?

Will end here I guessed, next post gonna be my Korea trip if not wrong. Lol check on my dayre if you wanna know what am I doing in Korea, but after I got home, I will be sharing what I'm wearing and my experience in Korea and all the special occasions. It's gonna be a fun trip.


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