Thursday, 21 November 2013

Style with black and white. LOLLOL

Intended to take some photos today, but it's kinda fail so turned into photo-shooting again with sister. LOL Anyway, there's still a few of it. 

I'm wearing mono-chrome short sleeve shirt with black shorts. It's very fresh and new try for me because I usually will wear something more colourful. Haha I do wear black and white but I will try to combine them with colours o make them look better. Anyway, no photo was took on the whole body look, but you can see then separately. 


Go on and judge me, I know I looked ugly. LOL

It's an interesting shirt with nylon kind of fabric at the back, collar and sleeves but the front of it is made by soft and a bit think kind of fabric which kinda comfy for me.

Nothing goes wrong with black shorts, they matches almost everything on Earth. And for the shoes, I picked my jeans-look-semi-height-to-ankle-shoes to make the look complete. 

LOL actually I think I bullshit for the whole beginning until now, you just need to make sure the shoes didn't create too much colour impact with the outfit, or you will look like an alien.

Anyway, that's all, go for the next part. XD

She forever do this pointing me action, cheh, nothing new. LOL

Magnum again, because we all love ice cream. LOL cheh, nothing new again. LOL

Although she looked like Miley Cyrus licking the ice cream stick, but I looked okay, so I posted. LOL

Ramdon to the max in this.

The bottle again. HAHAHAAH but it's nice. XD

This is what happened when it's auto focus because it will focus on one face only when the the two people are too close to it. Anyway, I'm cute. 

More photos and STYLES coming up soon. HAHAHA

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