Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Le Festin : TBlogger | Holiday mood [on].

Random update due to my mood after finish everything!

Holiday post underneath TBlogger. ;)


Who doesn't know TBlogger?

Everyone knows it with it's famous Japanese inspired flavour combine with the Taiwan bubble tea culture, created the ultimate combination which brings the bubble tea to another level of experience.

From the Mt. Fuji series until the newest lavender scented tea, they always bring us surprises not only on the flavour but also the presentation of colour combination and texture. Every mouthful of liquid with bites is what all the bubble tea bring for us, with TBlogger, they even provided us a space of communication and the expansion of taste level.


What I'm sharing here is one of the flavour that I personally found it awesome.

It's the Japanese Brown Rice Green Milk Tea.

Brown rice, we all will go all the way to those healthy lifestyle food. But with this Japanese brown rice, it actually gives the special texture into the drink with the aroma of the unique taste of Japenese brown rice. Which also known as the 玄米.

This is what the Japanese brown rice looks like from the view of outside. LOL, it's in the rice shape, but all in brown and with a crispy texture. Surprisingly, the crunchiness last for super long, totally out of my expectation. Well, it still soften but it last for quite a time for you to finish the whole cup if green milk tea.

And the green milk tea, it's not the usual kind of green milk tea that those usual store sold, it's more to the matcha kind of flavour, that's why the drink look in a greenish tone.

And the pearl, no comment actually, it's very depending on the customer.

This is how the Japanese brown rice look like after I poke the drink. XD Tiny bits of brown, crispy, rice. LOL

Miley Cyrus inspired? LOLLOLLOL

Just try it, no regret.

It available in several iconic places, City Square, Sutera Mall there, Taman Molek, Taman Daya, Taman Universiti and a lot more!

Mine was at Johor Bahru City Square which is just beside JB custom to Singapore.
 #3F - Inner City

Holidays considered started? I think so, because assessment ended today. 

It's my final artwork featuring 12 pieces of mounting boards. And this is the nicest when it's first set up because when I went back to collect my work at 5, half of it already fall off from the wall due to the uneven surface of the wall and the weight of the board.

Hard work paid off? I'm not sure, but I don't really bother anymore since I can't change anything. Just have some faith and everything will be fine.

So what am I doing in my holidays? Hmm, maybe ask my friends to come my house or go out with them. Should had confirm he date of exam at the beginning so I will be going Penang with Leshan they all. :/ it's okay, we can go somewhere else. Hahaha

Was thinking about Malacca, you guys sure will be like ' wth, every time said wanted to go Malacca but like never go also ._. ' HAHAHAHA TRUE so I will stop this part.

Then if you saw on my FB, yea, I will be trying out new food during the holidays. Hopefully I can hold my brunch party. LOL anyway, this is also another unhealthy post, I think?

Eh, no, I introduce you all brown rice. ;)

I wanna rest now, rest as much as I can. Life continues and smileeee.


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