Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hmm, Sunday.

I was working on a post that suggested by Li Hui, but, well, hmm, it's kinda hard and need more time to express my feelings all over the post. Hahaha what a joke, I'm just too lazy to think of the way to write it.

Then here comes the Sunday, and the end of the third week of my second term, which indicates the second last week has just ended, and there will be only one week left, ohya, and another week of tutorial week.

You must be laughing because you all know that I'm a procrastinator, but, HAHAHA my group assignment is on the track. I just done the painting of the human figure on the 12 pieces of mounting board, because of the disadvantages on the bad theme, our group decided to make it super big so that everyone will be impressed (acting I don't own a face!).

Then I made coffee whenever I'm free, I play Tower of Saviours whenever I'm free. That's everything that filled my days. Then I camwhore cause of boredness. Wth.

This is all taken this afternoon with my sister. We actually laughed like no sky no land ( 没天没地 ). 

 #ootd with grey aztec. It's said to be very outdated nowadays, no one wear aztec anymore. Lol

I kinda like this actually, it's so damn LOL if you look carefully.

This is super random. LOL

Then she tried to block me with a paper bag that she got from don't know where. Haha

Act cool with a peace! 


Wanna end with a cool pose but my sis make it into a comedy. LOLLOLLOL

Follow her on Instagram, @camenyap

Me? @suddenyapp

More updates of my assignment soon, sorry for wasting your time viewing this unhealthy post. HAHAHAHA ( inner joke with Leshan )

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