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12 November 2013 | 被偷走的那五年 The Stolen Years

Wow, Tuesday. 


Yea, nothing special though. 

The end.


Ohya, The Stolen Years is after I crap on my own story. Haha 

Anyway, just a joke. I guessed after the first time of doing on unhealthy post, I'm getting more lazier than before which is spending some time sitting down to blog. But I'm still here to share with you something I just experienced.

I actually realised my SD card got damaged, after I restarted my phone in few weeks back, then the notification panel shown that my SD card was empty. Then I restarted my phone, then off it, then plucked out the card, put it back, then restart my phone, then WOW!

It's still showing that it's empty. Wt*.

Then the only reaction of my phone that show after I pressed on the thing was that I need to reformat it. But then I will lost all my memory in it. Who the hell will reformat his/her SD card in your phone? It's all the photos, songs, memories and blah. It just too much to be defeated. My heart just broke into pieces, lol, but it just healed instant.

Well, you can't go back in time, just keep my head up and continue my life then. Wt*. 

But the truth is that I'm so damn pissed. I just kinda a lot of small notes, photos, and lots of things that I was thinking to blog about but until now I still can't remember them. Lol but it's okay, things that meant to be happened in this way indicated that those memories aren't allowed to be persisted. So just let it go then. As I don't really care about it anymore.

Just being kinda emotional for a while because I did really hope that one day all the photos will just magically come back and the SD card suddenly come alive. Cheh, just a imaginary thought with extra imagination.

The whole thing is not about the damaged SD card but about the next SD card that I inserted.

Because I just lost the 8gb so I decided to put my old 4 gb back into my S4, it's the old memory card that I used to use in the past with a lot of songs and memories of my early secondary life. It's kinda impressive because I took a lot of disgusting photos in the past. LOL but it's okay because I had deleted every single photos and videos although some of them were precious. ( because precious ones  were uploaded to FB at the moment already. ) Then it's all on the songs.

Then I discovered I actually got 400 plus songs in it. Wth. Then When I listen to them, it's so damn ******* touching because I sort of forgot all these songs in my mind since a long time. It's not that I don't know the lyrics but I just simply don't remember them. But I still can sing them. Lol

After a selection, I sorted out a playlist with 60 plus songs that I would like to replay it every time. There's this Jay Chou song makes me so emotional although I don't really like it in the pass, but now I'm just totally immersed into it.

| 想笑 來偽裝掉下的眼淚 點點頭 承認自己會怕黑
我只求 能借一點的時間來陪 你卻連同情都不給
想哭 來試探自己麻痺了沒 全世界 好像只有我疲憊
無所謂 反正難過就敷衍 走一回 但願絕望和無奈遠走高飛

天灰灰 會不會 讓我忘了你是誰
夜越黑 夢違背 難追難回味
我的世界將被摧毀 也許事與願違

累不累 睡不睡 單影無人相依偎
夜越黑 夢違背 有誰肯安慰
我的世界將被摧毀 也許頹廢也是另一種美 |

Isn't it a nice song? It's old but who cares. As I said before, life is separated into different parts. There's a moment when we are kids, think freely and act freely ; then we grow into teenagers, being emotional and act rashly; continue to live as an adult who need to act mature, who need to make decisions, who need to be responsible ; lastly we become elderly. Is it a long way to go?

No, I don't think so.

And that's why I choose to live the the fullest and grab every chances and moment, because I know that I don't have any second for me to waste, even in a night of loneliness, at least do something that actually worth your time and energy.

想說成熟 要用多少領悟交換 |


的确, 它不难, 不过也未与你愿所易。

You know why I listen to lots of songs? Especially those emo kind of songs. Simply because I'mma emo person. LOL

You just easily get involved into the lyrics as you understand the song so well until you realise how much of your life actually is a part of it. Not to say a part of it, it just kinda similar life you had sam as the song. Lol with am I saying.

I actually playback a lot of songs in my old memory card, some of them are the songs that I used to sing together with my friends when I was secondary. Sometimes we said we missed secondary school didn't mean that we miss the school but the people, events and items.

I still remember the time when I was Form 2 and Form 3 while we all were still kiddos who ran around and play around. That was the time when we weren't bothered by all the problems like what we faces right now. That was the time that we did not even need to waste a second to second thought on ourselves. It's kinda sad to rewind my thoughts back to those days.

Although I couldn't remember clearly on all the things happened, but it just a strong feeling that I guessed none of us could forget. And it's kinda ironic when you tried to think those thinking that pop across our mind when we were just secondary. LOL

I still remember when I was Form 2 then it's some sort of rumours that went around that actually talk bad on a person and turned into we all hate that particular person, but then as the time pass, eventually we actually became kinda like best friends! That's why we shouldn't listen to the one sided story.

But actually we should listen to the one sided story, life is not fair, we must choose the best side to stand or we would just being blown away.

Another song we all loved. Of course, I'm referring to my friends. Lol
It's also another song I actually forgot until I playback my old memory card. Then I realised, when we were all young, we tried so hard to act mature, we tried so hard to think that we understand all the meaning of the lyrics. Yes, maybe the level of our Chinese did make us understand the meaning, but how much actually we all know how it works when the problems really hit on our faces?
Damn funny when we tried so hard to act like an adult!! How I hope I can remember every single incidents in my secondary.

Actually I typed a whole paragraph but I deleted everything. Lol 

I got a lot of draft posts in my post list, but where to start or where to end? Urgh. 

Hopefully I got a chance to meet Leshan by this week. Originally planned to have breakfast with her this morning but I got serious sore throat and headache since Saturday? I don't really remember.
We actually planned to take photos too, hopefully this time the plan goes smoothly. Lol. 

Sorry for another unhealthy post, because of the unhealthiness, here I'm going to share this movie which kinda a lot of people actually said that it's not a nice movie.


Yea, it's The Stolen Years. Okay, let's make it simple. Basically, this movie is not a good one. What I meant was more on the technically and the presentation of the movie.

First of all, the story is there, the plotting of the girl who lost the memory but only remember the time when she just got married with the guy. The truth was that they actually already divorced. Then the guy helped the girl to gain the memory back although they never succeed, in the moment, they patched but then this girl was diagnose on this decease that kinda like Alzheimer then slowly she started to forget things.

This story is a common touching love story which one of them die at the end of the movie. Just like all those movie like One Day, Dear John, blah. 

But the storyline is super touching, just like what I said, you actually will cry at the end which is something that not every touching love story can give you. The plot and the climax is placed in the perfect moment but the overall is not that good.

Firstly, the front part is to long, in what I see, I think that the director wanted the viewer to actually go into the life of the actors and follow the flow of them, which is good, but it's too long to me when I was watching it. And that's why I understood why my friend actually fall asleep when watching it.

The, when everything went to the top, it's kinda fast. Lol, which is the momentum that you wished for the front part of the movie. But it's okay, love story usually included a lot of the sweet things the couple did together, just like this super sweet couple. ( OMG I'm still sobbing. )

I know there's a lot of people said that this is a super nice movie, yes, I didn't doubt on it, I do think in the same way too. Take off the timing, the story is super touching. That's why I love to watch Taiwanese involved movie, they always act well and lively. And this one is one of the great storyline I guessed? Or maybe not, because take off everything, it's all about the girl die. Urgh.

Okay, trailer.

It's very funny because you actually can searched the full length movie in YouTube, but I suggested you guys watch it in the cinema to get the fullest experience on the sight and hearing on every single second that bring your soul to the other dimension of emotions that full will happiness and tears.
I love the main theme of the movie, it's sang by 范瑋琪 who is now of my favourite singer.

| 悄悄告诉你 |


悄悄告诉你 - 歌词 :

| 电影 被偷走的那五年 主题曲

候鸟飞多远 也想念着南方
旅人的天涯 到尽头还是家
下一站 还感觉不来是冷还是暖
天一亮 我又离开

如果我回来 有没有人等待
如果我孤单 会不会谁明白
想像着 再见面却怕自己不勇敢
想拥抱 在你胸怀

时光隧道 传来回音

有些人 在心底从来没忘记
有些事 有些梦 还找不到谜底
有些话 越欲言又止 就越是动听
让我们 靠近 想悄悄告诉你

那颗心 还一直守候没离去
走遍了 全世界 还是你最亲密
记得吗 你最爱的歌 让我再唱起
让我们 相遇 要悄悄告诉你

多爱你 |



Just watch it, it worth your two hours to finish it.


More photos, and movie review coming up soon!

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