Friday, 11 October 2013

DIY : Grill Shiitake Mushroom

Looking for easy recipe? Here you go.

It's an easy dish that I created myself, it can be used as the side for spaghetti, risotto or any dishes of meat. Well, you must be good in cooking all those main course or even the side dish tastes like heaven also no use. Lol

Okay, so this is the ingredients:

Fresh shiitake mushrooms.

Soya sauce and sesame oil.

Garlic powder and pre-grind black pepper and some butter.

So here come the steps. Actually the preparing time is only about 5 minutes, and it takes about 8 minutes of oven. It's super simple if you wanna describe in a sentence. Lol

1. Put all mushrooms in a big bowl and mix it with sesame oil.

2. Then add in the soya sauce.

3. Mix and wait for 3 minutes to marinate them up.

4. Then the pepper.

5. Then the garlic powder.

6. After mix well, add in a spoon of butter.

7. Mix well everything.

8. Place them on the oven plate.

9. Then put them into the mini oven.

10. Set the time for 8 minutes and check them in the middle to avoid over grilled.

11. Place all of them on a plate; serve with spaghetti or whatever you want. You can also eat them as supper.

Isn't it easy? Faster go on and try it yourself. Enjoy your mushroom yea. 

More easy-recipes coming up!

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