Monday, 30 September 2013

When I got nothing to wear.

So I'm quite pissed just now in the morning, because I don't know what to wear. Lol
So I just pull on the style that I did last week which is a jacket and pants or jeans like what I posted on Instagram last week.


It's an easy look when you're in a hurry or you're just in the same situation as me. Those jackets are those that I have been stored them in my wardrobe since a long time ago, and I only wore them when I went for a movie. Lol what a great recycle of good looking outer wear besides of wearing them in the dark.

and you actually look like this

Lol, yes. it's just a blank black photo.

The only thing that I can say is that it's too thick when the day is super hot. Hahaha but still good if you're walking in a rainy afternoon or a cloudy day.

But who cares? You can unzip all the way down if you dare!

Or just keep it up because you might be caught by the police because of exposing too much skin LOL or because you look like me with a fat tummy and not nice body figure!!!

Besides of recycling your wardrobe, it looks different than just wear a simple t-shirts unless you got cool or cute t-shirts. Or you can give a try with your jacket. Just beware that your jacket must be not thick like those you wear in winter season ==

 Have been staying up late these days and.. just shitty complexion.

Fold up the sleeves or you're too lazy then just roll it up like what I did LOL.

 Well, just hope that the submission week and the assignment week can quickly pass and I manage to finish all my works.


And now I'm still thinking what to wear tomorrow. Wth

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