Monday, 30 September 2013

What those guys said to those girls ( 1 )

[ 1 ]

So there was a time when my mum and I were shopping at Plaza Pelangi for grocery and after finish buying all the stuff, we went to the Lavender to check on the bread but it was 8 plus in the night so almost all the bread were sold out.

So I saw this couple ( look like couple because they kinda like super close together ),

Guy : I used to buy a lot of bread and eat them all!
Girl : Wow, is it?
Guy : Last time I tried to buy 100 ringgit plus and finish everything alone in one night while watching tv after I got home!!
Girl : ( SHY because I'm eavesdropping ) Hahahaha wahh, I'm not that pro like you, HAHAHAHA.
Guy : Hahaha, let's go see there like got some nice bread!

Me and mum and sister : ( LOL WTH ROFL )


Let's do some simple calculation :

Let's make one bread is RM 2.50 and the GUY spent RM 100.00 to buy bread. ( And he actually said 100+ ).

100 / 2.5 = 40

WAHH this GUY bought 40 pieces of bread leh!!

and even the cat will

when it hears it. LOL



At least make up something valid when you wanna flirt a girl, or you will just sound so silly. LOLLOLLOL

  because of too much bread. LOL

[ 2 ]

So this guy and this girl were walking together while this girl was busy looking for size on clothes if not wrong and this guy suddenly,

Guy : Do you believe love in first sight?
Girl : Huh?
Guy : Or I have to walk by again?
Girl : Huh?
Guy : So you want me to walk again is it?
Girl : No lah, you can just crawl by because I don't even understand what the hell you are talking about!
Guy : Eh, don't understand then nevermind la, pissed off for what? ( HAHAHA )
Girl : 

LOL the last part I exaggerated HAHAHA

Because maybe those girlfriends think in this way to their boyfriends

( while when guys see this )

So they just

Sometimes, you just need to understand when to talk and where to talk because someone might be listening and it just make me laugh so hard. You just try to listen when those people are talking around you next time, it's such a huge entertainment!! Or you will get too emo because life is just so damn hard.


Life goes on, no one care how much you feel, so just move on.

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