Sunday, 15 September 2013


The last entry was last year month.

What a long time and finally I'm free, lie to myself that I'm free but actually being very hardworking to blog lazy to start this entry. Anyway, I've just started it so no point to stop right now. So I'm going to make it very long then, so no one will say my blog is dead. 

Well, I believe that everything has a life, so no point of making you all think that my blog is dead, I'm not a mean guy.

But even you said that I'm mean, someone is worst.

( inner-joke ) lol

It's a lot to express throughout the time within the last entry with this, pretty much happened as you all know that life is full of surprises, and it's Sudden's life, of course it will be no-peace-until-I-die. Besides of homework and drawing and painting and blogging for all the school stuff, what I haven't finish are :

  1. Drawing
  2. Painting
  3. Blogging
  4. 3D thingy
  5. Control my emotions
  6. Being less awkward
  7. Drawing again
  8. DEAD
It's super boring to spend my tutorial and practice week with homework, eh, no, I spent most of my time on playing Pokemon White 2 on my Mac and playing Tower of Saviours. Pokemon is not that addicting as the game is super boring and need to wait and wait and wait and spend a lot of time on waiting for then to level up.


I was so pissed this morning. I updated my Mac while I was playing Pokemon, then I forgot to save, so I lost a lot of the memory in the game. What I lost?

  1. The 4th badge
  2. About 5 level on every Pokemon I'm caring
  3. Few of my Pokemon evolved but now need to spend time to level up again
  4. Pass through one cave that really annoying because in cave Pokemon pop up everywhere and now need to re-do the same thing
Then Tower of Saviours is just simply addiction take away your soul. You can't stop yourself because you just feel like keep on level up your cards and evolve it once you can then more and more stages waiting for you. But kinda getting annoyed once you can't get through a level because you need to level up more and check on Google on strategy to win.


I did a lot of homework too some of my homework yet a lot is still waiting for me to finish it. What's annoying is that you cannot concentrate while you want to finish one of the homework because Pokemon is in front you and Tower of Saviours is beside you, besides, you got food, tea, FB, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Movies, Dramas, blah blah blah.

Then when you thought that you finally kinda like finish the homework, then you will realise you still have another ton behind 10000 tons behind. Then you will getting very stressed and started to get a little insane like what Sudden Yap is doing. 

You know what he did when he is home?

  1. Give out weird noises, sounds, lines
  2. Do awkward action like acting a cat
  3. Give out weirder noises, sounds, lines
  4. Ask his family to hold his hand tightly for preventing weird actions begin
  5. Asking his family whether he is insane
  6. Asked his maid what to do if he is really mad then his maid is even mad
----- Conversation between his maid and him ( she is Indonesian, so it's in Malay ) -----

Sudden : Kak, macam mana huh? Saya macan dan gila..
Maid : Tak tau lah.
Sudden : Macam mana? Ada apa apa yang boleh buat?
Maid : Pergi minum banyak air la~
Sudden : ( LOL ) ( WTF ) Ada guna meh?
Maid : Tak tau lah.. Pergi minum~

----- End -----

Then I told my mum about that, only I knew why she said so because my mum told her to drink more water to keep healthy. Well, it's true but it definitely will not cure someone who is crazy. This just makes me remember my secondary school life when I was having a stupid conversation about panadol with my friends. I remember we always asked those who is sick to take panadol when they weren't feeling well, then I asked them why panadol never heal cancer or any kind of serious illness?



What's my favourite activity nowadays? I'm in love of having tea in the late afternoon, it's all because I'm lazy to do work and just feel like sitting down, maybe alone, then online, self reflection, thinking too much, being emo, acting happy, blah blah blah.

Passion Food is good, Just Want is good, Yardley Pastry is good, Cheelicious is good, Sudden's cafe is the best among all of them because there provided WiFi, tea, coffee, bread, cake, biscuits, ice cream, fruits, bed, chairs, tables, TV, blah blah blah. But the tea, coffee, bread, cake and biscuits are not so good if you wanna compare them to others Cafe I mentioned just now.


Want to see the most obvious difference between them?

This is from Just Want :

This is from Sudden's :

But it's not important because it's still upgrading. LOL


Last time I could be super fake until those situation that I couldn't believe but then now I chose to be not so fake and hypocrite anymore. I cannot accept sentences like "sharing thoughts is not a sin" or "hmm, it's not good", sorry you pissed me off,  I don't even feel like commenting on you, because we you and I are not the same. 

Neh, just a sharing with you all because one day you will know how karma works.

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