Thursday, 19 September 2013

[ sponsored ] The denim trend.

Well, who doesn't own a denim shirt? I will say that I'm the one. Born in such a hot Asia country, I found denim shirt is not that easy to handle as it keeps a lot of heat, but now I don't have any worries anymore for having this denim like cotton shirt from True Men Style Collections.

More True Men Style Collections info below the entry.

It's woven in cotton but look like light denim on the appearance. Seems to be heavy but it's so light and comfortable when I'm wearing it. And the lining just make it so alike with denim.

How to style if you're wearing denim shirt? Some more a denim like cotton shirt, lol you just have to follow the trend on denim-on-denim. It's very obvious in it's name, what you need to do is just layer cover denim with denim and denim again.

How I style myself?? Wear a black denim shorts in grey and a pair of denim shoes!

The quality, colour and sewing of this shirt is good.
Some close up of the shirt :

Metallic buttons in greyish colours added more 'taste' in the shirt.

There are two pockets at both sides of the front.

It featured a 3/4 sleeves that allows you to leave it of unbutton it or even fold it so that you can style into different ways.


What I gonna say is that this piece of shirt is what you're looking for, light, comfy, stand hot weather and it's in promotion! Why are you keeping yourself from this nice shirt?

( The one at the bottom right is what I'm wearing! )

To contact with TRMS2u :

Instagram : @trms2u


My photos were took by Cloe! All credits to her, hahaha and some of them are taken by Spencer too!

More styles coming soon!! XD

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