Monday, 16 September 2013

[ sponsored ] Boho-in-style.

Bohemian style, as known as boho, referred as a style of fashion that is individual, emotional, attitude and free-spirited. To me, it's kinda like a full combo of earth colours, layers, accessorised, a lot yet looked light.

If you searched online, there are many examples of bohemian style, usually they will compile a lot of pieces together and accessories all over yet it looks good. Basically the clothes are in repetition of prints and looks kinda country style.

In TRMS ( True Men Style ) , you can easily found a huge variety of clothing that lead you on the edge of fashion for being stylist in a easiest way.

More contacts info of TRMS at below.

One of the pieces I got from TRMS is this bohemian inspired shirt.

It featured a bigger collar than usual shirt which I personally found it stylish.

The sleeves is about quarter if you got a short arm and about the elbow if you got a longer hand.
 It's interesting be just keep it unfold and it will hang at the position as you move your arm or you can fold it up to the length of your comfort zone. ;)

I pair it with a white shorts and green shoes as you all know white shorts fit in every style and green shoes to continue the colour tone of the boho style going throughout the outfit.


The quality of the shirt is good, the sewing lines and the hem is good and the fabric is good.

Some close-up of the shirt :

Wanna know more about TRMS ? : TRMS Collection
FB page : TRMS2U
Instagram : @trms2u

They are currently having offer! So faster grab one for yourself of your boyfriend!


So I took a lot of photos today with my sponsored shirt and Cloe!

 More styles coming soon! Lol

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