Friday, 16 August 2013

What to do and what do you expect?

Wah, like long time never log into my Blogger for updates, for the same reason, I'm quite busy with my school life.

Let's do some flashback of the week.

Monday :
Stuck in the classroom for no reason because all of us thought that there will be a IVA class but turned out into a joke. But the creative thinking class was quite relaxing as always.
Then at night like super busy with the last touch up for the 2D fundamentals homework which gonna show to the lecturer by the next day.

Tuesday :
The lecturer asked me whether my work was completed or not because in his eyes, it's incomplete I guessed? Then I was like WTH, I spent so much time in doing the details and this comment is just too harsh.
Then later at night, I realised that I totally forgot about the photos and half page write up for the 3D fundamentals which I was having on the next day and I hadn't finish making the sculpture.
So I stayed up late until 0230+ to finish all the stuff to show the lecturer.

Wednesday :
Why the lecturer asked so much? What she expect from me was like super constructed design and super nice sculpture, clearly, she rejected two of my works and I need to re-do the 2 sculptures and take photos again and do the write up again.
In the evening, I managed to do some research on the assignment for the IVA.
Then due to the tiredness, collapsed on the bed at 10 o'clock and never do the work that need to show to the lecturer on the next day. Luckily he just wanna check our progress or I would just kill myself. LOL

Thursday :
LUCKILY, the class was in the afternoon, so I managed to do some work that needed to show to the lecturer in the class. BUT, I only done like 1/6 of the A3 size drawing paper and I need to do two some more?! And after the class, there will be another A3 work.
Felt super bad but feel a little better because the lecturer still fine with my current state and the work on the sketchbook.
Then when I got home, rush to do all the assignment and journal for the IVA and uploaded to BlackBoard.


FREE for current but need to continue to do the homework soon or I will DIE because of having nothing to hand in or hand in some shit.


Answer the new pole beside the bar! Let me know more about you and me LOL


Yes, as what I said, I'm busy throughout the week, and these PEOPLE,  with NO BRAIN just simply never think of others and thought the Earth is turning around them.

HELLO, do you know even on the escalator also got rules and regulations like driving on road?

  1. Keep LEFT if you're not walking on the escalator.
  2. Put your hand on the LEFT side of you're standing and chilling on the escalator.
  3. Teach your children about this or their photos and this kind of actions will be posted on my blog.
  4. Tell them if they block the way on the escalator and make the world turn on them, Sudden Yap will take a photo and post on
  5. Encourage them to say hi to me when they see me taking photos of this kind of unabashed people because I wanna say thank you to them for not blocking the way.
  6. Repeat No. 3 - No. 5
Check if you're in below photos :D


Sometimes a smile make you feel better.


Life's good when you're feeling good with it. Treat it well.

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