Monday, 5 August 2013

Songs we all know.

As title said.

How to be brave? How to be loved when I'm afraid too much?

Lol, just being random with the title name so just rolled into the lyrics of the song and tons of thoughts. Aiks, being very stressed with those homework recently. I don't really feel like doing homework in the night with class, and that's why I always stuck up with lots of homework in the weekend. == But yea, that's the reason why I'm so stressed. :/

I'm not that kind of lazy people who really don't do homework in the night with classes, it just too lazy to handle all those stuff. -.- and most of the works that need to be done is all about design and drawing. As it's not easy to creating new thinking with new outline and new silhouette.


Still remember when I was in secondary school, I used to have kinda lot of fun time. I remember how we pass the free time when we were all stuck in the classroom. LOL when it rains, I used to ask the teacher to go for toilet but I actually go for a pour of rain. Then the teacher would ask me why I got wet and the rain would be the answer. Hahaha



Still remember I used to sing this song when I'm in primary school. The reason I got to know this song was about 6 or 7 years ago when Y.E.S 933 was having an on air drama series and one of the drama's theme song was this.


Yea, it's a nice song and everyone knows right? Hahaha tell me if you wanna listen to my version, I don't mind to call you and sing it for you. ;)


Remember this song? Have been a long time never heard of it.

Know more about the story in my previous post.

If it never ends, we'll never know who is the one who will stay until the end.


I crapped all the way down from the first line of the post, STAY on my blog ya.


Eh, I should blog more about things I loved, e.g. over-edit photos?

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