Sunday, 25 August 2013

After and only; and this is it.

Wow, another hard week for me but yet I survived. I guessed my ability to adapt to the new environment is much more faster than what I expected as this whole SIngapore study thingy is kinda stressful and making me a little bit out of mind.

Yea, as you all know I'm a lazy kind of student. Since I was a primary student, I used to study quite hard to try to get a good result as what my parents wanted me to do so. And I don't think I did a great job yet my result wasn't that bad at the pass. Very proud to say that my result maintain my first class status from primary 3 to 6 although my rank in the class was always at the last 20. LOL

I never lie because the truth is that I'm very stupid and science and maths are out of my forte. Luckily since young I've stuck myself in this artsy hobby. Hahaha

Then when I was in secondary, my result dropped like a waterfall, fall in 90 degree and no way up. LOL yea, when I was in Sec 1, my result still okay but as time went along, I lost in the way of study yet I continued of course because I was cleared about the truth of life of a secondary student : 

" Study and result are all about what it is. "

So, as lazy as I could, I still maintain my what I should do which is study and try to get a good result. Well, I failed in getting good result but yet I always pass all my subjects as always.

Until once when I was in Sec 2. The subject is about some sort of moral study on the society, if not wrong, it's called Sivik if not wrong. I was lacked of few marks to get a Grade E. Hahaha then I cried like hell but it didn't work. LOLLOL shameless to the max.

After that embarrassing and bad time in school, I tried to ' always pass my subjects ' and I thought that I did a great job until Sec 4 again. LOL wth is my secondary school life?! Why it sounded so pathetic?!

The truth is, it's PATHETIC. Lol

Then I beg the my Chinese subject teacher to give me a pass because I cannot stand to get a fail in Chinese language although I always get super bad grade in it. But he was a badass, what he knew was all about how to persuade those students who couldn't get a good grade to drop this subject to maintain his flying-colours-teaching-life in my school. And I knew it. 

So I continued it as it's no point to drop it as it's my mother language.

Then, it came to the end of my secondary school life with SPM which is some sort.... hmm whatever you wanna think it is.

So, as a summary of my life of studying in science and maths, this is my result for all the years until 2012.


UPSR : Straight A's

PMR : Straight A's

SPM : 2 A+, 4A, 2 A- , 2B+


Yea, I do get a B+ for my Chinese in SPM hahaha. But I'm okay with it as I always get a D or E in sec 4 and 5.

So, it comes to the time to decide what I should study for my future life because it's time to make up a mind for the time in the rest of my life. But what you studied can be different with what you work, as what everyone said. LOL

I'm very lost in the choice of realistic and abstract.

What's realistic is to do Business and Marketing because it's easy to get a job and it's something that most of the people will do, why don't I just relax and do as what everyone's doing?

What's abstract is to do arts because it's very depending and very personal when it comes to creating artworks or even find a job. If everyone like it, then you own it ; when no one appreciate it, you're done.

Although I'm a little fall back when I decided to do art but I'm cleared in vision again. What you must tell yourself at the moment when something is set in mind :

" You're responsible in what you made. "

So, this is what makes me survived until today.

HAHAHAHA. I don't know why I crapped so much for this entry. Lol

But what I wanna said is that it's hard to make up a mind to choose what you wanna study or what life you're looking for int he rest of life. What we can do is keep our heads up and find our way to what makes you happy.

You can say that a medic degree and own you a lot of money ; a design degree can make you happy ; a business degree can make your life ; blah blah blah. But what you cannot deny is that it's all about the life you're choosing and what kind of living you're looking because you're responsible in everything.

Live your day and watch it.

Life's long but it's short when you know what you're looking for.

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