Friday, 12 July 2013

What those funny people said ( 1 )

Like a simple piece of thought, it's easy to be merge upon an empty place.

Nothing much to explain or type another thousands of words to make you feel it.

Just realised that I can't face myself because of the lack on ability in doing things that I'm not capable of. Like my last experience, it's much more simple because I can just do everything I can as the one watching is kinda useless. But this time? It's so different because I'm so stunt, as you just make everything become real and I'm just someone who watches everything and do nothing.


So today was quite a fun day I guessed? Met Kim and Leshan and Kim is going back Australia tomorrow. Time flies because she has been studying at there for months and I realised my school starts next week too. LOL

So here's some funny conversation I involved and I heard today, just wanna share as I found there are little things that actually can brighten our day, so no reason for you to be emo or shit, :D

Although not so funny, but still got a sense of humour in it, don't hate it. Lol


Having lunch at a road-side-stall that sell quite nice kuey tiao soup lol, I guessed you don't get what I meant, it's some sort of food with soup.

Sis 1 : Today my friends laugh at me leh because I asked them what's the different between tiger and lion. Tiger got hair right?
Mum : What? You cannot differentiate?!
Sis 1 : Tiger is the one got hair right?

I guessed this is what she meant and I found it from Google by searching ' tiger like lion '. LOL

Me : * What the hack?! *
Sis 1 : Ya lah, tiger must got the hair then only look like the king of forest mah!
Sis 2 : Lion got the hair la oi.. * -.- *
Sis 1 : Is it? Aiya, nevermind la, I never seen before.
Mum and I and sis 2 : * WHAT THE HACK?! *
Sis 1 : HUH?! I seen before meh?!

So below I will show photos of tiger and lion. LOL

LOL difference between of both of them that I found on Google!


So after Kim and Leshan left the cafe that we had our tea and snacks, I sat at there and wait for my sis to fetch me then the family sitting beside my tables start to talk.. lol

Dad : Eh this phone how to take selca ah? ( He looked like 50 + because of baldness. )
Daughter : * take over the phone and start to press here and there *
Dad : They take selca always comb their hair first one leh.
Mum : Lol, who you meant?
Dad : Neh.. Ah Gan they all lo. ( I assume Ah Gan they all are uncles LOL )
Mum : Hahaha, they also take selca?
Dad : Yea la. * take out a comb and start to comb *


Daughter : Nah, this one.
Dad : * ask his wife together * Eh, wear specs not nice, wait ah I take of my specs first.
Mum : Aiyo..
Dad : Wait, my hair not nice already.

* captured *

Daughter : * take over again * Aiyo, not nice one, the light too dim, not nice.

Maybe they should try this at an open area so the light will be super sufficient and perfect!


As I said, these two aren't that funny that can bring you lots of laughters but don't you found it kinda funny?

Lol, don't keep your smile, show it, because you're better with it. Like the uncle taking self shot also smile so hard what, so don't stingy on your smiley face! :D


I know I'm not capable to fulfill what you asked from me, but I will try my best to do it. I know how much you had put into it, and I know it. I know how hard it is, and how little things that I had done on you. I'm sorry yet wanna try hard again.

We don't kill by disappointment because our strength of living is much more greater than all these little stuff.


I'm touched. And I miss you.

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