Friday, 5 July 2013

Throwback my last seven days.

Yea, I'm not blogging since like one week ago, because my college thing is kinda annoying and until now I can't even get a room to stay in Singapore. -.- anyway, I got my Singapore number done and maybe that's all. Kindly ask for my Sg number if you're studying in Singapore like me or you're a Singaporean. Ohya, I should give my number to Lynette because she gave me her Sg number like weeks ago.

I don't know which day, I simply too lazy to check back my reminder in my S4 because it's so freaking troublesome since I'm so easily get irritated as the school is reaching so close. I paid my visit to ICA and my school again, yea NAFA which is also known as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Well the school is still the same, white walls and a tinge of artsy feeling in the air which is quite pleasant. wth am I saying.

So I got my enrollment letter! Yea as what I already knew my orientation week starts on 15 to 21 of July but it's the orientation week only because for my department, the orientation will be two days and there will be a 2D1N camp held at there. Quite interesting because it's sound like the college life is really approaching to me, chill running down my back because I don't know how am I going to face them because it's very hard for me to jump upon a well-known place to a very new community. But it will works, I know!!


So before I wanna talk about my bad dream, lol a funny one, I would like to share a good news to you all, although it's quite a long time already but I could hardly blog last week, so I just wanna say that I'm very luckily 'nominated' into the finalist of the WWWOW Awards by DiGi in the category of Blogger of The Year. If you wanna ask when the result will be out? It's tomorrow. LOL yes, 6th of July 2013 in one of the Starbucks in KL, but I can't attend, which make me a little bit sad because that will be a perfect chance to meet others whom also go into the finalist and also maybe famous bloggers in Malaysia blogosphere but nevermind, if my name is being called, wahahahahah!!! LOL let's make the Law of Attraction works!!!


Let's move on to my dream thingy. LOL

It's really a funny one and I think I need to write it in past tense but it will be very troublesome as checking my reminder on S4 so I will just write it in whatever tense available, don't comment on my English, it's sucks and I pretty sure it is.

Let's walk into the situation of the dream!


It's the morning of my first orientation day, which is 15 th of July, it's not rush at all as I'm well planned in waking up early and get myself to the custom with a simple shirt and a pair of shorts with my slippers on, wah like a perfect outfit to go for a shopping or go to the beach.

Just at the moment I look at my feet and feel so comfy with it, " WT* " just come upon my mind, I slam my backpack from the bottom and grab my enrollment letter and freaking open it with my shaking hands and read it in my mind.

" Slippers are not allowed. "

Gosh! What am I going to do now?! ( Actually I can call my mum but the dream seemed doesn't let me do that. ) Then I rush from custom there and run into City Square to get a pair of shoes to replace this slippers!! ( Super unlogical because it should be like 5 or 6 in the morning but City Square already full with customers. LOL ) No matter how I rush here and there I can't get myself a pair of shoes! It's like no shoes actually existed in my dream! Lol

Then weird things start to happen. It's not weird THING it's like I started to meet those people that I shouldn't meet. 

First of all, I meet Felinda Bling with a pink umbrella on her hand wide open -.- who actually shouldn't appear at CS because she need to go to school too! Then we kinda like have a chit chat and I'm so nervous to get shoes on so I just rush away after a few sentences. LOL weird to the max!

Then come to the second, wth I meet Wan Jing ( @wanjinghoho on Twitter, follow her if you want lol ) and she actually wanna ask me for a movie because she is going to watch a movie with Yuman ( @yumanw on Instagram, follow her! ) Then I was like what the hell?! Why all these random people just randomly come upon my sight to stop me from getting my shoes!! I'm so late to school already!! 

Then I look at my watch on my wrist, if not wrong it's already like 9 o'clock plus and I need to reach at 9.30! Omg this is killing me!! Then I don't know what the hack happened to Cs, there's a store like newly open and happened to be like Metrojaya or Parkson then I think shoes must be selling at this kind of store then I rush inside and start to climb on those f*cking escalators that GOT NO electric supply!!! This is ridiculous!!

Then don't know why the escalator is like forever no ending because I climb like 5 minutes and I'm still at the same position!! Then here comes to Leshan appear at the other side of the escalator then I was like " hey Leshan! You also shopping at here? " -.- I must be losing my mind because I will DIE if I can't reach NAFA at 9.30.


Then I woke up. It's a weird one I guessed? Because usually I don't meet people so randomly in a shopping mall as they won't be there if they don't have to be there. Like Yuman can just watch movie at Tebrau City what, no point for coming to Cs and why Felinda is holding a pink umbrella in Cs? -.- dreams can happened into a funny way yet super scary huh.

I never realised how many times of wth I wrote up there, but after I finish wiriting them, then it was like so many times lol seems dreams are really ridiculous stuff because things that never happen in real life can be drama in your sleeping time. And you're one of the actor too! Pleased because I might nominated into Oscar award as my professional acting skills. :D 


Beside the dream and all the troublesome school stuff, it's a hard week for me. I always tell myself to let it be and I think I actually done it? Maybe it's still in the process of really letting it be but I'm fine with the current situation. Yes, I do miss someone every night and thinking whether there will be a goodnight or not. Well, everyone has someone in his/her heart and wishing for another second to spend with the one, so what we actually can do is just presenting our best. No, it's not presenting but showing the true inside your heart and do your best. 

It can be hard when facing relationship no matter how good is the result you got from your exam, so it must be harder to me because I got no good result. -.- I'm not saying that I'm in a relationship, so don't second guess on me. Hahaha

I realised how much one can change himself/herself, it's not that kind of like sacrifice for his/her love one but the self turning into a more mature kind of person in real life? Like one can be so irritating when it comes to his/her love one but you need to just put yourself into his/her situation and think about your own action because you can be more than you thought. And this is what it's like, it's life, it's something you cannot deny because you know it but you lie to yourself to make you feel better.

It's not wrong to feel sad, human are emotional animals, they can be so pro but so weak, it's kinda like the hard and soft in between heart and brain? We can be logical when using brain but emotional when it comes to heart, and we need to train to control the changing in between two kind of feelings as it's not that good for us to use too much emotion when it comes to logical thinking but we can't say that because emotion is needed to balance out the reality.

You get me? 

When I say I miss you, I meant it.

Because I know how hurt it is when it comes to a lie.

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