Monday, 29 July 2013

29th of July, 2013

There's an amount of people do things in a different way.

In stead of different way, they actually do things in their own way without hesitation or even second thoughts.

Or maybe they got too much of second thoughts which make things go wrong way off the limitation.


If you're going to scroll of this page or this entry, try to read the last part of it, I really love it, and I hope it inspired you in whatever way. :)

Short entry though, why not read all my craps? :D

Oh yea, the first day of school. Lol. It's awkward to have a bunch of China kind of people in the classroom, well, at least there's someone who can communicate with me in chinese? Maybe. But I found them quite friendly! Lol throughout the orientation week, the only language I'm using is English, and I actually feel good with it.

But my tougue got twisted in every sentence. Wth lollol
Don't laugh at me, kay? I know my English sucks.

Well, after a week of classes, I actually being stuck in the middle of pissing off or just keeping calm. Lol because it's like totally a new modules coming in in my year, and the lecturers seemed very blur. Maybe they actually explained well but I just cannot get it. Lollol but my friends also cannot get them!! Anyway, as time passes, I will know what to do.

The homework given was still okay, still in my comfort zone, but when I looked around, WTH THESE PEOPLE CAN DRAW HUH?! Hahaha, yea, there's a bunch of pro in my class, instead of class, I personally think that the whole school is full with this kind of pro!! Well, I just need to do my best and prove that I'm one of them or I will be so left behind and it will be super sad. Haha

I personally very interested to one of my lecturers which is the lecturer for my module of Creative Thinking, hahaha she is so friendly! And I really go with friendly and outgoing people because I'm not, so involving with them actually make me feel better. Lol I don't know what the hack am I talking about. 



It's hard for me to update my blog since my school starts, due to the daily travelling to Singapore, I'm exhausted. Last week's Wednesday wasn't a very good experience, you know what?

Cheh, you sure don't know since I never tell. LOL

Before my school starts, I know I will be having class early in the morning, so I actually tried to travel to Singapore in the very early morning to make sure I manage to set my alarm clock at the right time. So I went Singapore before my school starts at about 6 pm in the morning, but after adding the time of walking, I reached the custom at about 0615. After the stupid queuing and waiting, and then queue again, and wait again, I managed to reached my school like 0930 if not wrong.

Then after school starts, I realised I got class at 9 in the morning.


Lol, just being random.

So I need to wake up earlier to make sure I'm on time. Then I tried to reached custom at 0515 because the traffic maybe vary in everyday. And if you followed me in Twitter or added me as friend in Facebook, then you will know I actually reached my school for two hours earlier which is 7 in the morning. LOL no life and forever alone sitting on the bench in front of my school and watching a movie that I need to watch for one of my module on doing assignment. 

And I cannot finish it. 

In a nutshell, that movie is too slow, I meant slow in the flow, like super duper slow and most probably make many people slept in the past. LOL 


Well, just to inform you all, I will be making another new blog. -.- for what? 

For my result. 

As one of the homework that included marks for the year end assessment is to upload a photo weekly and write about it. But it kinda bother me a lot because since I started my school, I got no time to go out for nice coffee in nice cafe and walk around to search for inspiration in writting entry, but whatever, I got tons of old photos available for me but it's all over edited. Hahaha

Yea lo, I always hashtag #overedit what, Leshan always laugh on it and on me. 


And now I'm watching The Dream Makers on Channel 8, this drama is loved, so realistic, so true and the songs are perfection especially the one at the ending.

How people changes and try to adapt to the real world and how we can't escape from the truth and how the real world acts and turned when we are still trying to stay true to ourselves. And how many of us really stay true until the end?

There are people and things that changes every moment.

And if you think that you're so faithful to your soul and think of others are all fakers, then you are wrong. No one is fake, and no fakers actually exist when there's no one is being true. And real world, a big scene of drama, everyone is acting.

But just like an actor, some of them can't be too nature when it goes to the camera, some of them are super pro and flow as the lines go on. Same thing goes to the real world, some of us are bad in being a hypocrite but there's still a bunch of people are like forever faker.

But you know right, even third line actors can go to the front line once their skill is on first. And the same damn thing is just applied to real life, no one is fake anymore, because no one is true. It's like a white strand of hair can be so obvious on your head, but when it goes to a grey or a brown hair, it will just like black, every strands go to the same, everyone is just fake, as fake as each others.

Even I'm.


you're just the same.

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