Sunday, 23 June 2013

Theory - Living in the happening

It has been a long time, for me not to blog. Time management is a big issue on me and it always does. just some updates that my mum actually got dengue fever and hospitalized while I'm having this sore throat that take me a lifetime to recover. Forgot to talk about my headache and fever. Basically I think I have fever because I actually woke up early in the morning about 6.45 I guessed as I was shivering in coldness. Then after that I couldn't sleep.

These days aren't the best time of me, things just never got into the way I want yet I guessed this is pretty much similar to what I imagined. Like a pro fortune-teller. Whatever. Yea, like what I said before, there's bad time and great time, living together and balancing each others out. Our responsibility is to let it be, and feel the flow because there's nothing much we can do unless you have a time traveler like Men in Black or Emma Watson in Harry Potter. If you don't, just do your best and accept the result. It's not our duty to decide what it will be but giving the most and the end will be there.


This is a post of confession I guessed? Lol again! I knew you all will be like this guy got so many confessions to himself. Whatever. Actually it's true that your life is a journey that's all about the endless learning and repeating of self confess on the faults and your own responsibility among the achievements in your life.

Actually that day I got met up with Ryan again, ( the Ryan Chiu wth his microfilm that should me premiered yet in process -.- ) And again we had a kinda small talk. LOL literally small talk because we aren't that into each others so maybe it's just some teaching of living. So I got them listed down before I forgot because I need to remark them down before I forget them as I found them quite interesting and very useful. Maybe not now but we can't predict the future unless you said that you're a fortune teller. ( LOL I found that I just typed that same damn thing in my previous entry and on top. )


  • Never regret for everything you have done. 

Yea, you can help a friend to do his homework and let him sink without knowledge, just don't blame yourself because they aren't doing their best to achieve a better life. My friends always remind me not to be good to bad guys, like Zs. Yea if you know who he is then you will know but if you don't know then I can't tell much to you or you can just contact me. Haha he is not a bad guy to me? He never did bad things on me, I think I should say in this way. Sometimes, we tend to listen a lot and take them all, it's all about superficial or being deep. But yea, there's plenty of stories around. The most memorable thing that he did to me and Leshan still talked about it goes to the science folio in Form 2. Wth it's like 4 years ago. LOL because we need to pluck the leaves and make them dry and laminate them then bind them up into a folio. In a sentence, I made the whole thing for him and until now he hadn't pay me the money of the lamination and binding. I never regret in helping him because I thought friend should just help each others up.

But never talk about money.

  • Face in front but not looking backwards.

 Life is like the pandora box, we can't guessed the next. Leave bad memories behind because you can't make yourself in a forever bad day situation. You feel sad, and your friends and family can feel the same. Don't forget how the Law of Attraction works. Yea, you may say that it's hard, it's easy to be said but impossible to be done but you never try and you never know.

It's just a simple step to the front, and a huge success in your life.
  • Say yes to every decision you made but not thinking back.

We always having problems to figure what to do. There's always a road to Rome. And there's 100 ways to Rome indeed, just concentrate on one of it and move on. Stop looking to the sides and try the different ways. God gave us a pair of legs because he wanted us to be true to our own decisions.
  • Do your best once it's decided.

It's simple, you got no choice or a backtrack to go back the previous situation. Why wasting your time in second guessing yourself?
Last time my parents used to convince me to study business after my SPM but I was kinda struggle with it as I'm more interested in doing arts. So in the end I do get what I want for my college life yet I started to second guessed myself on the decision I made. I realized that business seemed more realistic to 21st century compare to design so I kinda have a hard time in my own world. But after some conversation with him and my friends, there's no way back, contract is signed and this is really what into me. So just go on and do my best in art because I've decided to take business degree once I finished my study of Graphic Design. Of course I got think of doing part time in studying business but I don't know the situation of my graphic design yet so just let it goes and I will see what can I do to achieve more and get what I want. 
I'm a little bit too proud I guessed. Hahaha I told my mum that I wanna be the top student. LOL okay, time will prove me! Be positive. :D
  • Do not waste your time even a second.

I love what Ryan said on this. He said there's a time he saw a guy sleeping in the bus when he was taking a bus. Then he felt that the sleeping guy was wasting his life because we should just sleep when the time we need to sleep. Sleep at night but not in the bus. Then I asked what did he did in the bus. He said he think of his future and all the desireable things that he wanna do. Like filming a microfilm is a dream to him, always, so he used all his time on the bus to think of the line and the situation and the filming process and he actually made that film.
So sleep at sleeping time, don't waste a second.
  • Achieve your dreams with your own strength.

It's like measure yourself if you're making a clothes for yourself. Ryan said when he was young he always wanna go to travel around, go to the beach and take photos. So while he was having school holidays, he did part time job and earn money and went for his own trip with his own money. Well, it's what I'm planning to do now. And how I hope there's someone who I wanna go with willing to go with me.
We can have big dreams like having big houses and travel half or even the whole world, but what is recent for us to dream of and being logical plus realistic, try your best to earn more money and slowly everything will become a dream come true. I always believe in this and yes, miracles do happened on me. 
I meant sometimes. LOL


I can offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love.

When I'm cold, I'm thinking about you; when I'm happy, I'm thinking about you; when I'm drinking coffee, I'm thinking about you.

Just too much to take in at once. And I miss you.

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