Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY - Dealing fever by yourself!

As you all know I got fever for quite a time already, even I forgot how many days it had been. The reason why I don't wanna go for a doctor is that I thought it will just heal after few days because fever is like a so common disease around South- East Asia countries as it's so damp. And due to the haze from Indonesia somemore, my sickness didn't show any improvement but getting a little bit worse.

Okay, basically I'm having tonsillitis which causes me sore throat, fever and headache. What can be done is just go get some antibiotic from doctor and finish everything then it will be fine but it's not what I'm doing now because I used to get healed from tonsillitis like one or two days, it just like minor virus infection that can be serious or just a piece of cake.

So today I'm not going to talk about how to get rid of sore throat and headache. If you wanna heal yourself at home, sore throat just drink plenty of water and guggle salt water and it will be fine soon. Then headache just take paracetamol. LOL I know I'm giving tips that everyone already know because you should know! I cannot imagine there's people that don't wanna drink water and I actually got friends like that. 


Basically when you're having fever, you will feel cold and you will wear jacket and all the stuff to keep yourself warm but this is wrong. Let me explain why I think that it's wrong.

When you're having fever, your body temperature will rise to a higher level compare to the normal body temperature. In hospital, even 37.6 degree already considered as minor fever and they will start to give you panadol/paracetamol. No matter what temperature you're, can be 38 or 39 or even higher than 40, don't ever try to wear another layer of clothing on yourself. You will feel so cold is because the weather surrounding is lower than your body and your body start to giving out heat to the surrounding and that's why you're feeling cold.

What if you wear another layer?

Yes, you might feel better. But hey, if your body is 38 degree, what's the point to cover yourself up and make yourself into a heating oven? Your body heat will only getting higher and higher and when it comes to a maximum limit, your organ can be damaged due to the high temperature!! ( Of course this is very severe already, probably will faint or what LOL )


So how to deal with fever by yourself just at home without going for doctor??

Disclaimer : This is for minor fever and I'm not a bio student or a doctor, just giving my comments on my experience although I'm just 18 only, you can choose to listen or just scroll down because there's exciting stuff in my awesome blog.

I will just list them down and explain how it works so you can have a clearer vision on how to save yourself if you're home alone and having fever.

  • When you wake up in coldness in the morning, don't go for a warm or hot bath, try a cold one.

You might say that you're so cold already, no point to take a cold one because you will just shake from the start to the end and continue shaking until the harlem shake's music is finish. LOL but when your body is undergoing fever, the first thing you need to do is try to reduce the heat intake. By bathing with cold water, you will lost heat and you actually will heal faster and save yourself from overheating your body organs.

  • When it comes to afternoon, on the aircond and fan and just stay inside.

I know the sunlight at 12 is perfect for a fever patient because we never know sunlight can be so gentle and warm us up. But again, you're just harming yourself, why don't you just stay in a cozy-airconditioned room and enjoy a book and tea or play some computer games? I know aircond can be too cold if you're having fever but as the same, you will save yourself from overheating.

  • Who said wear a jacket or cover a blanket and make yourself sweat then you will feel better?

Oh no, this is wrong although most of the parents used to say like that. If you're 39 degree, the way to make you feel hotter and sweat is to make the surrounding higher than 39 degree, this make no sense at all because 40 degree's surrounding can cook a half boiled egg or egg benedict already!! ( Just saying. LOL )
Never try to make yourself sweat although it seemed to be good, but your body will be under a super high temperature and it will not help your fever to get well in anyway.

  • If you're home alone, be naked then.

Clothes is just a cover and it stores heat. Just take them off and let your body feel the air movement at the surrounding and let your body loss heat faster so you won't have to suffer elbow and knee ache.

  • Sleep and sleep and sleep.

You must rest, when you're fever, it probably is a virus infection, your body need energy and time to heal itself so get more rest is the prefect way if you're a lazy bum.

  • Wear less when sleeping and must on the fan and throw the blanket.

Just like above, it make no sense for heating yourself up, save yourself by losing heat because it works faster than cover yourself will a thousands of layers of blanket, and you might suffocate. LOL

  • Drink plenty of water and pee.

Try to drink cold water or just room temperature because your body is heated up, the cold water will absorb the heat and release into the toilet bowl and you will be save very soon.


If you fever is not getting better after a few days, don't hesitate to visit a doctor because sometimes fever can be serious like maybe it's dengue fever or another kind of new disease that will slowly eat your body cells up and kill you. 

We never know, so just help yourself and it's a better world. 


Just tell me when you're cold, I'm here to give a hug for you..


  1. Fevers are sometimes a good thing. Fever is a natural response of the body's immune to infections. But a high fever is one above 103F and should be cautiously watched. My mom used to boil the roots of cogongrass or lalang to treat fever.

    1. Thanks for the share of cogongrass root! I've heard of I too. Yea, fever is one of the most obvious symptom to recognise virus infection, so if the fever is not getting better in days, a doctor is needed!! That's why I went for one two days ago hahaa :)


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