Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Beauty is not just skin deep ( 2 )

Hahahaha, so here goes to the part two of the ranting. Actually I have nothing to do after I quit my job, instead of wasting my life by cuddling my bolster on my bed, I did made some waffles yesterday. LOL if you followed me in instagram then you would see but nevermind la, I will add some photos at the end of this post ( simply because I'm using this Blogger app that cannot add photo in the middle of the post like what computers and laptops did ) ( or maybe I don't know how to!! ). Lol, yea, this is my second post from phone because I'm here alone again in Starbucks!! No life to the max actually. I shall get a life and stop wasting money on this kind of useless expenses which only gives me the classy feelings and makes my wallet empty. And you know what, I think everyone should do the same.

But sometimes a cup of coffee does make me feels better. And it goes the same to you.

I'm not looking at anyone this time, ( because last time when I first use my phone to blog, I commented on others who dressed in pink :O ) and some of them actually look at me, and I don't know why. Whatever.


It was kinda bad to say that people don't look well, so I hardly say that but doesn't mean I don't. Well, you might say I'm superficial but don't tell me you don't.  And that's why beauty and everything on the surface really mean something, people don't dress beautiful just for fun and hanging all those pretty stuff on themselves just to get exercise. Lol wth am I saying?

You can say that they just wanna feel good because they feel better when they think their outfits are awesome. And I would like to say that YES, they do feel better because I did the same and you did the same damn thing too. But besides their own eyesight will fall on themselves, they are hoping others to compliment them. I don't know whether you're but I'm. Like what sometimes my friends and family said that my shirt was awesome and my hair is a freak, I do feel good, at least they look at me. WTH?!

Neh, get rid of the hair topic please, although I still don't think my previous hairstyle looked that bad!! Like what I said in part one, we cannot simply comment others who takes beauty so intensely. Just because you aren't that hold it on. So, are you holding it right now? Think about it before you make up your mind to give comment.

Besides, don't you appreciate how others dress themselves up just to meet you up? Hahaha usually I did that was for a mutual effect, the friends look and the public. LOL but then actually no one is looking at me. *cry* I don't care about it, I'm that kind of people like what I said above, those who feel good when they dressed well. Hahaha but I was too impressed by myself but others weren't!  Whatever.

Just try it next time, go to the shopping mall and look around, and think about it, which part is the part that you first look at on others. Because you never know until you experience it by yourself, it can be different than what you expect.

Expectations are way off than what happened.

And they always did.


Another short entry.. feel bad yet happy because writing does make me feel better.

If only I can use a real pen to write my next entry. -.-


There are no adjectives for distance, because in the end it's either you reached or not.

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