Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beauty is not just skin deep ( 1 )

After days, the re-think process kept on going about this topic, and I don't know why.

There was a time when they said beauty is just skin deep. But hey, how thick is the skin? Do you mind to give me an actual answer? 

I'm guessing that you don't know the answer. ( Not that everyone doesn't know the answer, if you're a bio student or whatever medic kind of explorer, probably you will know, whatever. ) Yea, it just a thin later that cover the whole body, largest organ on human, first line of defense against diseases. To make sure you know more, click the link below to wikipedia to take a look how they introduce skin.

And after I searched it, I realise the thickest skin found on human body is at the sole, which is about 4 mm thick, isn't it impressive? Such a thin layer of dead cells but still doing such a big job for us from getting ourselves into a danger exposed area.

By the way I also saw that the thinnest skin on body is about 0.5 mm.

No matter which part of the skin it is, it just less than 1 cm which is just a super tiny amount. And with no reason, kinda lot of people started to say that beauty is just skin deep.

Yes, I do know that it's an adjective, just to exaggerate how shallow are those people who only look at the appearence of someone. 

But what I know in my understanding is

Beauty simply more than 4 mm.( Referring to the thickest part of skin found on body, whatever. )

You don't know how much effort others put into himself or herself to build up his or her own personality and create the image for himself or herself, it's not a process that only takes 5 minutes, you thought you can download " Beauty " from internet with your high speed unifi and install it on your body?

Guess that you can't, if you can make it, show it to me please, I'm eagerly to see how it works.

Maybe you can say that, :" Aiya, thay already so handsome and pretty since they are young, so there's nothing to be done because they used to be so good in looking. "

Wth? You thought appearence is so easy to keep in fresh? Even fruits got rotten within days, and dead cells can stay how fresh?

They are just a group of people who put much more effort than you to keep himself or herself in the beauty state. And you, you don't even put a single second to make yourself better but judge on those who work for themselves for such a great and long time. Who do you think you're?

I know I'm so shit in looking, I always said that, and kinda small amount of people told me that, whatever. But no matter how it is, it hurts when someone said that you're ugly. Hahaha guessed that I should smash my face on the road and get a plastic surgery to create a new face for me. 

But I'm not going to do that anyway. I'm guessing that there are quite an area of improvement can be done on me to make myself into a better one.


Okay, enough for the ranting of the day, just being kinda emotion these few days.


Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Which means that the perception of beauty can be subjective. 

After all, you don't judge on others because you just don't put effort on yourself and you start to giving critics on them, it's not fair for them, for you, and for everyone.

By the way, you need to have faith on yourself, if you think that you look shit and there's nothing can be done, which mean you're done with the current state. Stop thinking the current but start to look forward, if you never let something go, you don't get a better one.

Again, beauty is much more than saying someone is shallow in mind, human are organism with complex brain, and this simple piece of thought is much more superficial than those who cares about their beauty

No matter how it works, inner and the outer beauty are leaning each others. But within the first look, beauty does a big part of it, you can judge it with your bare eyes, yet don't even do that if you don't know who and how he/she is. 

Yeah, Jennifer Lopez once said that beauty is just skin deep, what's important is the balance of mind, body and spirit.

She is right yet wrong because beauty still lie in between mind, body and spirit.

Is there anyone who is with me?

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