Friday, 31 May 2013

What the customers said ( 3 ) : Madness in the store

Here comes to the another historical moment of me and my working days. Sorry for the neglecting of didn't update my blog with entries, but actually I'm working on others so no worries and I'm still safe and sound and continueing my service to entertain you. LOL wth am I saying?


Here comes to the fitting session. Usually when you go for a shopping on clothes, there will be at least one or two workers at there serving you by removing the hangers and giving you a number card which indicated the number of clothes that you're trying. This is to prevent you from stealing clothes, I'm telling the truth, don't doubt on me. Haha

So below is two of the stories when I'm doing the fitting work.


( 1 )

There was a bunch of people coming into the fitting room, considered as men and women because they were youngsters with tattoos and bright hair colours.

Man 1 : Get me another size, this is too small!
Woman 1 : Walao, your own size you don't know meh?
Man 2 : He fat liao la, of course cannot fit! Hahaha
Man 1 : *** what the *** you said?! I'm not lo! Hahaha
Woman 2 : Oi, faster go get another one la! Don't waste my time!!
Man 3 : Aiyo, I go la..


Man 3 : Nah, faster try la.
Man 1 : *close the door while trying*
Woman 1 : *knock the door* oi oi oi, faster faster! HAHAHA
Man 1 : This one cannot la!!!
Woman 1 : Walao, don't waste my time leh!
Man 1 : *open the door* you all see yourself!

Everyone : *peek*

Man 2 : Walao, what size you take oh?
Man 3 : Simply take one lo! HAHAHAHAHA
Woman 2 : Faster take off la, go change another size.
Man 1 : *start to unzip without closing the door* *only on his t-shirt and brief*
Man 2 : Oi oi oi, he is looking at you ah, close the door la.
Me : Hahahahaha *wondering why a fat guy dare to do this in the public* (no offence, just simply cannot accept his action)

Man 1 : Nah, I wanna show you my big ****! *start to show his body to my direction*
Me : *wtf?!* *luckily he is still wearing his t-shirt and brief!!!*


( 2 )

Actually I really don't mind to see your body but hey, this is public, not the beach or swimming pool.
Sometimes, they just don't get it, fitting room is for those to fit themselves and see whether the clothes is suitable for them or not.

The fitting shift at my work place change according hour, everyone get a chance to go to the fitting room actually. 

So when the time was ticking to the end of one of the hour (lol, I forgot which), it went to my turn and another staff to do the fitting work.

Staff 1 : Eh, Khai Wen, ask Kim together, your turn already.
Me : *call Kim* Okay okay.
Kim : Faster count the cards. ( We need to check the number of the cards to make sure the number of people in the fitting room is correct. )
Me : Eh, why got extra one?!
Staff 1 : Ohhh, *whispering* you all see the first room? Just now two people go inside until now haven't come out.
Kim : Huh? When? 
Staff 1 : About 15 minutes ago la, I don't really remember. Haha
Me : Aiya, nevermind la.

*after half an hour*

Me : Walao eh, they haven't come out!
Kim : HUH?! Still inside ah? Wah, so pro leh, the space so small.
Me : LOL ya lo, and then the fitting so hot some more, they still can tahan ah? Haha
Kim : Aiyo, maybe they fainted? If fainted then very troublesome leh!
Me : Cannot be la...

*5 seconds later*

Me : Eh, we go knock the door?
Kim : You're mad is it? Hahaha

Kim : *use a little higher volume* Eh eh eh, the people inside, you all okay mah, need me to call the ambulance?
Kim : We must do in this way, later they faint very troublesome one. Hahahaha

I really think that they heard the chat, but then who cares? LOL
They only came out after another 15 minutes, so we're guessing that they spent about 50 minutes inside a single room which is stuffy, hot, tiny, and with fragile walls. LOL


I'm doing it in the right way, because I don't lie.

I really miss you,
this time I don't wanna lie anymore,
because the outcome won't be real in either way.

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