Thursday, 16 May 2013

What the customers said ( 2 ) : The Outrageous Version

So the customers got mad again. I don't really get them for their non-logical actions that really violates my perspective on morality. LOL

As you all know, ( if you don't know, come on, kindly open your eyes next time! ), food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into anywhere that sells clothes. The sign board is so obvious, hanging at the entrance of every store.

No matter how the sign looks like, don't you try to tell me that you can't get what it means!

I wanna share some outrageous conversation of me and those customers who actually really cannot get the meaning.


So usually what F.O.S did was asking the customers to leave their drinks at the counter and collect them after they finished their shopping, it's reasonable right?

Me : * spotted an aunty who carry a huge traveler bag ( those sliding type ) and holding a cup of bubble tea while chatting on phone * Miss, sorry ya, drinks are not allowed.
Outrageous aunty : What? I'm not drinking leh!
Me : Okay then. * wtf, you thought I'm blind?! *

...*watching her*...

Outrageous aunty : * Drink her freaking bubble tea * * Talking on her phone with a dialect that I don't understand *
Me : Sorry ya, drinks are not allowed, I'll put it to the counter and you can collect it later.
Outrageous aunty : What??! *scream* I never drink leh, I'm just holding it!!!
 Me : But we got sign board showed that drinks are not allow, so I'm sorry, I will help you to put it to the counter first.
Outrageous aunty : NEVERMIND, THANK YOU! * walk out F.O.S with a indistinct smile that really annoys me!!!!!!!! *

Conclusion : If you thought that I'm blind, I'm sorry to say that I'm not.


Well, my conclusion above is like so meaningless. Hahaha but you know what? This kind of human doesn't appear alone sometimes!

Two aunties : * walk around * eh, this one quite nice leh!
Me : * spotted two Starbucks * Sorry miss, drinks are not allowed.
One of the aunty : We're not drinking leh! *scream*
Me : But the store's policy stated that customers cannot bring drinks inside. I can help you to put them at the counter first.
The same aunty : But we are just holding it. *her bullshit face really hits me!*
Another better aunty : Aiyo, just give him la. -.-
Me : *take over their Starbucks*
Two of them : *whispering* walao.. blah blah blah.

Facepalm them if I could.


After two of the bad incidents, luckily there's something nice during the days of working in F.O.S.

That day, a pair of couple was shopping around and they spotted those socks which I personally think that it's quite good in quality.

Bf : Eh sorry ah, this socks are for male or female?
Me : * actually I'm not sure about it too but they seems unisex * ermmm, this one male and female also can wear one.
Gf : See? I already told you what.
Bf : Hmm, then ah gua also can wear?
Me :*wth* erm.. you can try to wear them. *LOL*
Three of us : HAHAHAHAHA


Lesson of the day : Don't ever bring food and drinks if you wanna shop for clothes, or you just get hated.


Sometimes we only see the bad days because they are the most obvious part in our life.

Go to hell, bad days.

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