Monday, 29 April 2013

When no is not an option.

It's all started after I started my lifeless life after I got back from Langkawi with my friends, it was quite a great time for me but bad time for my parents. They totally found no reasons for me to stuck at home for all the time and kept on going out with friends and wasting money. Even I thought of the same, but please, I don't really wanna go for a job or whatever it was.

Then Lihui came back from KL because of her holidays and she asked me out. For someone who stuck at home for most of the time, I don't really mind to go out and I could meet my friends, why not? So I went to City Square Johor Bahru and after we met up, we went to F.O.S to see my secondary friends who were still working at there recently ( but already passed their resign letter ),and finally it all started.

Pangli told me the salary for part-time job and I found it quite nice actually, and Lihui was at a side kept on asking me to get a job. Lol so I ended up to ask my mum about this after I went home. Before this, she already asked me to get a job for quite a time, but I got a lot of hesitation because I'm a lazy pig head.


Well, I felt quite guilty at that time for using my parents' money for everything, it just didn't make any sense because I was so lazy to go for work but active in all outing, so why not?

So I went to this job at F.O.S and turned into a part-time-clothes-folder, but recently I found that I don't really fold a lot since there's not a lot that need to be folded. And I don't know why, sometimes after we get used to see things that look like a lot, we started to realise how small they are.

Why I named this post as the tittle? I guessed it's why I don't really love my job except some part of it, like those friends I know from there and some jokes and laughters that I enjoyed. I went for this job was because I couldn't just stay at home until July. I had a hard time with this job but I never quit it was because I couldn't resign it so easily.

It's all because I didn't really have a ' NO ' in my choices.

Soon, my current supervisor would be changed, they were making changes throughout the store. Hopefully my information was correct which was I was going to stay at my original position. But the bad news was it would be a miserable life afterwards. Facing people that you used to hate and need to fake a smile for all the time just to make them felt that I'm not so unhappy as what I really felt.

It's hard but as the same, I couldn't say no, it's not an option because life wasn't created by me, it's a journey that thousands of things happened and I wasn't the one who has the ability to control them. That's why I thought I should make myself more easier instead of creating more and more difficulties that never make my life easier.

When am I going to resign from this?

A good question, and hard to be answered.

" I had a dream my life would be, so different from this hell I'm living, so different from now what it seemed, life has killed the dream I dream. " - Les Miserables


Interview post in progress...

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