Monday, 22 April 2013

What the customers said (1)

So today I'm here to share a few hilarious incidents happened at my work place, again, if you're not sure where I'm working at, do scroll down to see my previous entry.
But of course I won't create such a troublesome scroll down and up, idiotic action for you, I'm working at F.O.S which located at the third floor of City Square Jb. I'm quite pleased actually for working at there, usually I can see my friends pass by and don't know why they acted like super shock to see me. LOL
Okay, enough for the craps, let's get to the business.
So that day my friend who is an Indian who also work at F.O.S with me was asking me about some ridiculous thing half an hour before end of my work. By the way, his name is Logan.
Logan : How to become Chinese?
Me : Huh? What do you mean? Is like convert to buddha or?
Logan : No lah, become a Chinese.
Me : Huh? How oh? You're so black!
Logan : *speechless for few seconds*
Me : *shout* Pang Li!! Logan asked me how to become Chinese, can meh?
Pang Li : *shout like double me* Use Dynamo la!
You all heard of the brand Abercrombie & Fitch? So called A & F which is a brand that sell a variety of clothing in a price like double of what F.O.S sell. LOL
That day there was a family, considered of mum, bro and sis was shopping in F.O.S and was looking and flipping the polo tee that just located 2 metres away from me. The polo tees was Miss Cindy one,
( I'm not sure whether you can see clearly or not.  -.- btw, you can see from the official website of F.O.S. )
Mum : Eh, this one look like the branded one leh the logo!
Bro : Is it? *grab the tee*
Sis : What brand oh?
Bro : The Alredo & Frank la, short form is A&F~ *act proudly and like a pro*
Mum : Is it? This one is a deer, that one also a deer?
Bro : No lah, A&F is a buffalo.
Me : * wt* * HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA *laugh like hell* *lol* *lmao* *rofl*
A&F is not a buffalo, okay? It's a mountain deer and look old thus not good in looking. Hahaha but I like their clothes, it's very comfy and I found the price quite reasonable because of the quality.
And it's called Abercrombie & Fitch. LOL
[ Credit to Pang Li ]
On few days ago, a family was flipping the t-shirts that stacked nicely on the table by Pangli, usually we, as the one who fold those shirts definitely will try our best to protect the clothes from being turn over so Crystal went upon their eyes and asked what size were they looking for.
The design of the shirt,
( Sorry if my drawing offended you because F.O.S doesn't allow to take any photos on their clothes. )
A : *stare at the t-shirt* Eh, what does it mean?
B : Erm... Hmm.... *stare* 应该是海浪要来了吧~ ( probably mean that wave is coming~ )
Crystal : ...
Pang Li who is standing at a side : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
We never know how others look at us, because they always tend to be so neutral at the surface but evil inside. So be happy if your friend is someone who always talk straight. But if he's not a friend, don't even give a damn.
Bye, it just another short entry. Haha

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